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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 04-16-2018, 09:02 AM
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Default Daily Ooo's: Monday April 16, Rainy Day Edition

Morning ladies... Yup its again here today, but I live in a Rain Forest so what else should I expect in April? I need to make a phone call to Mother Nature and tell her enough of the wet stuff already!! I guess Chris is busy with Cait at the eye Dr. so I decided to start this thread this morning. I will try to get done before DD facetimes with me or it won't get posted for a long time .
I had a nice weekend of being very spoiled by my family and friends! Lots of birthday wishes and beautiful flowers! I was taken out for meals three times, I really am spoiled!! Yesterday my sister Wendy and her Daughter took me to the Calico Cat for lunch and tea leaf reading. My other sister was supposed to join us but she could not get a babysitter for her granddaughter that she is raising. (That was sad!!) It was a nice lunch and we all had pretty good readings! My reading said that my trip was going to be amazing and that we would be safe, so that was nice! Many other things too, but I won't bore you with the details. Back home in the afternoon and got some and other housework done. Sat outside with DH for a cup of coffee and enjoyed the semi-nice afternoon. I hope to get a page finished off this morning that I started on Friday, I was far too busy with other things this weekend to get it done.

Chris - I hope that Cait gets some cool looking glasses, I bet she will look great in them! Nice that the fluids for the cat went smoothly this last time also! I hope that you were able to get a good sleep at the IL's!! Enjoy your day together with your daughter!

Jean - How fun that you and I both got flowers on the weekend! They brighten up the room and make me smile whenever I see them! Sounds like you had a beautiful day for your birding and a lovely setting at the Restaurant! I just adore the gift that your sweet DH gave to you and like the others I hope you can post a photo of it! I was very happy that the Bruins came through for my Birthday and won their game! Hopefully they will do the same for tonights game too!

Felis - Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! I just love that smiley! I hope you continue to enjoy the lovely warm temps where you are! Have fun outside with your puppies and that you get to finish off your yardwork! That is awful about the men and your sister! I would have not been comfortable with anyone invading my space like that either! Sorry that you had to deal with so many grumpy people while shopping, but nice that the lady found the seeds that you were looking for, at least that must have brightened your day a bit!

Ok I will post this before DD calls and then get back to finishing off catching up with the rest of you!
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Old 04-16-2018, 09:15 AM
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Crazy about the "O"

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Ok now where was I ?

Nancy - I see you are on-line now so I hope we do not cross post! I was sorry to see that your Devils lost again, darn it!! I really don't know how you stay up so late to watch all those games! We are of course hoping that the Bruins come through for us again tonight, it will be interesting to see if they play differently away from their home rink! Sorry to hear that you are mad at your son! But I don't blame you, my DH would have had a bird if he found out that the door was left open all night long when it was so cold outside! I hope you gave him what for!! I know you won't be mad at him for too long, you love him after all
Crazy how your weather was nice and warm one day and then freezing the next, what is going on with Mother Nature? I hope you get to relax today and enjoy all the hockey games tonight! Don't forget to cheer loud for our Bruins!

Rae - As always ... sending you lots of healing vibes for B and I hope you are successful at getting her out of that place very soon!

Have a wonderful morning everyone! I will pop in later to see if Chris posts here or not
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Old 04-16-2018, 10:02 AM
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I'm so impressed by Sharron (SharLamb) I don't know if you are noticed or not, but past few months she post all 7 pages on a first day after the challenges been announced. I looked for the info do she is Cherry O or in CT, so to know the rules in preview, like some of you, but I couldn't find. Can you imagine if she don't know them and is able to create 7 different page in just 1-2 days?! How huge creativity is necessary for that! And that aren't just a regular page. Seven unique pieces of art!! And then continued to scrap pages for the designer challenges.
Today I saw one her page that really thrilled me! The journaling is so powerful! I of course am disagree with it, but it makes me thing for so many things from the life. I know most of us loses beloveds at past few years, because of illness or car accidents, so in the present world I don't thing age is a circumstance for which we should worry at all. But is very touchable to see the fears of someone else presented at so beauty way! It gives you additional view point.

Nothing other happened here, like usual busy Monday and it's rainy so no outside time today.
Also my post was last yesterday, so no personal notes, except for Trudy. Have a lovely Monday, my dears!

Trudy, your weekend sounds lovely and I'm glad that you had deserved celebrations! Aww tea leaf reading, please take me on this! I love such a kind of 'game', I almost believe. At my gothic period I was learn to use Arthurian Tarot. And my mom reading/watching on coffee sludge, but she actually lie and told you things that is learned till you talk drinking the coffee or know from gossip. Her grandma is teach her and people said that grandma really is had this 'gift of vision', but I seriously doubt . But it's a old art, so it should have someone that can really do it.

PS.Chris, I hope you and your family are OK.
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Old 04-16-2018, 12:01 PM
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Wow, we had such a lot of rain yesterday. At Hum & Strum DH learned about lots of nearby flooding and some folks with water in their basement. Our sump pump worked hard and our basement is dry, so we're good. Cooler today and still gray. Hope we don't get more rain. Felis saw it, but if you missed it, here's the ring: https://ozone.oscraps.com/gallery/sh...p?photo=391777.

Felis, how sweet of you to think I married young, but I was nearly 24, not that young at all. I hope you forget the unpleasant parts of Sunday's shopping and think instead of the lady who found your seeds. As to Sharron's comments, being the same (almost) age, I know just what she means and I don't think it has the negativity you saw. She explained some in the Standing O thread. Now, how she gets all those challenges done and so well too, that is still a mystery! Oh, and last night I saw Quilliam, very briefly, with the lights on just before it turned to infra-red. I don't know what he'd been doing, but quickly got under the blanket.

Trudy, what a lovely birthday weekend with all the people and even the Bruins combining to make it nice. Sure hope the Bruins keep it up away from home ice. Living in a rain forest you maybe need to expect the rain, but we think it could stop here. But then we didn't get a blizzard either.

Hope Chris and Cait are doing well with everything.

Nancy, so sorry the Devils are down in the series. You'll be there to cheer them on tonight though, so hope they can win now. Your DS seems really challenged on house temperature!

Hope Rae's weekend went smoothly with no nasty nurses.

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