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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 10-19-2020, 06:55 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
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Default Daily Ooo's: Monday, October 19

Yay, I slept like myself again last night, just normal insomnia and weird dreams. *That* I can handle.
My entire family seemed to have some version of a meltdown yesterday. Everyone is so stressed and anxious. Caitlyn is a true Mini-Me when it comes to stress and anxiety. Gary reacts to it the same way as he does to me too, which isn't necessarily a good thing. heh. But we got through it and we are doing better. *wipes sweat from brow*
Gary and I took J and W for a short walk yesterday. I was so cold but it was a good idea to move a bit. J has been so wound up and I think a lot of it is because she isn't getting any exercise. We haven't been out on walks with her often because she doesn't like to go and no trips to the dog park either. I guess we could take them if no one else is there. I guess I have been so cocooned in my own world it is difficult to think about going out and about.

Nothing much is happening here again. I will keep cleaning here and there and I have a puzzle that I am working on. It is really hard and Cait has been too busy to help much. Gary will do one or two pieces and then that is all he can do. I am also doing a little bit of crocheting here and there. I am making a little stuffed rat. I think I messed up some of the decrease stitches and I think that I will have to rip them out and redo it. Blergh...

But that is it. Same old, same old...
Gratitude for today:
- that I am sleeping better. I have never had a good sleep cycle in my life but I can handle that normal crummy sleep. The last few weeks were making me feel like I was losing my mind a bit. (more than a bit!) so by comparison I feel great. I will take it!

Hugs to everyone!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 10-19-2020, 07:20 AM
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faerywings faerywings is offline
The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 51,754

Rae- I cannot imagine how much pain you have been in. Will you be able to get that client back once you are able to sit longer or is it better than you finally take it easy for a while? It is good to hear that you are able to start getting around a bit, but don't push yourself too much. Sending good thoughts to you. Thanks for the diet tips, one of Gary's favorite foods is mashed potatoes, I will have to remember that.

Cheryl- good for you to face your fear and look down from the top of your hike. I don't like heights, being in a plane or on a roller coaster doesn't bother me, but I am not comfortable on a ladder or roof so I can relate to not wanting to look over a cliff.
The skeletons are all on track for Halloween. This means that they break, he fixes, they break, he fixes. Etc, so on and so forth. Because they are made up of pieces and parts of junk- they do this every year. Then he says he is not doing this again, and yet he does. Like clockwork!
How fun to have the kids pop in and out like that. My kids miss their grandparents so much.

Nancy- It is *freezing* here in the moutains! Yesterday midday was cold here- in the upper 40s when we went out. Looks like the week ahead will be a bit warmer so that will be perfect for you and Luther. We used to wait until the 15th to put the heat on but this year we caved at the end of Sept.
The TV show must be very pretty, neat that it shows of lot of places you are familiar with b/c of hockey.
Sorry to hear that your sleep and dreams are messed up as well. I know that the election stress is playing a big part in it. Canadian/non-USA friends, you have no idea how lucky you are that you aren't dealing with that. DT was mocking Joe Biden yesterday at a rally for listening to scientists w/r/t masks. Pleeeeease let us elect someone who will listen to scientists!! Nancy- I can't imagine how it feels to be in your house between you and your DH and hear the utter disregard of science. Must make your heads explode. BTW, how are classes going at your DH's school? Ramapo is looking at having more students on campus for Spring Semester - still very low- but more than now. Cait was concerned about having to be there for the internship but already cleared it with her supervisors that she will be able to continue 100% remote.
Hahah! You can always tell that the weather is getting colder when the cats have to be sleeping on you at night

Kay, hope the computer is coming along soon
Jean, Felis, and everyone that I am missing here-- hugs!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 10-19-2020, 10:21 AM
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Off The Hook
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Good morning. Today Jen and I will go drop off a few boxes of stuff to Value Village (she'll do all the carrying). The basement clutter is slowly coming under control. It hasn't been easy to organize and store everything when Jen moved in but we're slowly pecking away at it.

Chris - no, I won't take the client back. As hard as it is to decrease my paycheque, it's more important to perserve my health. My back problems will hopefully improve but will progress again if I don't make changes in my lifestyle. One of them is the amount of time I sit and work for hours at a time. By letting the one client go, I have decreased my workload enough so that I can work an 8 hr day but take numerous breaks and get out of my chair every half hour and do other things. If I kept that other client I would be working til long after dinner and I won't do that anymore. It's nice to finish work around 5 during the week and no more wkend work.

I thought of one more thing for Crohn's. Seeds/grains can be hard on the digestive tract. I use Trader Joes Everything But The Bagel spice but can't put that on D's stuff. I don't put sesame seeds into his Asian dishes, only mine.

I'm getting to work now. BFN
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Old 10-19-2020, 01:17 PM
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taxed4ever taxed4ever is online now
Crazy about the "O"

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
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Good late morning O-zies!! I have spent my morning finally getting a layout finished for one of the challenges and I hope to get another calendar page done today too. Yesterday was a write off for doing anything productive around the house. We got a call first thing in the morning that the side of beef that we ordered was finally ready to pick up. The butcher wanted to know if we could come right away to get it. So we hurried to get ready and phoned the other family members who went in on this side of beef to let them know. So we took it over to MIL and FIL's to sort it and put their share in the freezer. Met with SIL at a spot halfway between our two houses and gave her share to her. We will keep SIL Sharons in our freezer and meet with her this coming weekend to deliver her share. It is so nice to have some really good grass fed beef in the house again. So by the time we got home I managed to put in some and cleaned the bathrooms, but that was it! Supper time and a glass of wine and we were done for the day . Today is my day to finish up with the housework and do some scrapping and then tomorrow I will spend the morning on face time with Heather and Hunter and then get to the pool to get my laps in. Wednesday will be hiking and Thursday back to the pool. It is strange to have so many things to keep me busy that do not involve some kind of crafting . It is our DIL's birthday today, sure hope she loves the painting that I sent to her. Hopefully we will talk tonight!

Chris - Awww I am so sorry that your family is really feeling the strain and pressure of all this crazy Covid way of life! I plan to enjoy what I can while things are still open, because I am pretty sure that this second wave is going to hit us hard and we will be in lockdown again. Then I will be stressing and just as anxious as you Chris! Sad to think about what Christmas will be like this year, it's going to be a lonely one for many! Yes our weather cooperated for the yard clean up it looks so much better! DH had to get on the roof and remove all the branches and debris. I really hate it when he goes up there, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all. Hunter is doing better with going to school, but still there are a few tears when he has to get ready to go. Poor little man, I hope he did better today!

Rae - I sure hope that your back is feeling much better soon! It must be so frustrating Glad that you will be getting out for a bit today, it will be nice to clean up the clutter in your basement!! I can't stand clutter, it drives me crazy . I hope that you are able to get to the pool soon it really would be great for your back! Such a good decision to give up that one client, your health is way more important than a bit more $$! Take care of yourself please!

Nancy - Sounds like the temps have really dropped in your area, but nice that you can still get out for your great walks in the afternoon! Glad you are enjoying the Alberta scenery, yes it does get very cold there and yes there really are a lot of bugs !! Another reason we moved away from the prairie the bugs were horrendous!! Sounds like your dreams are just as crazy as the rest of us are having. DH totally agrees with your about Joe Thornton, it would be nice to see him win the Stanley Cup but not with the Maple Leafs!! I doubt that will happen.

Cheryl - You sound like you are all enjoying your new lives, in your new part of the world! I am so happy for you! Lucky you to be able to be with the kids and grandkids so much!

Ok I will get the vacuuming done and then back here to the computer to get a calendar page finished. Have a great day ladies!!
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Old 10-19-2020, 01:33 PM
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Chris, yay for sleeping! Have I told you about the tea I drink every night? It's Sleepy Time Extra, with Valerian Root. Chuck just happened to see it a couple of years ago and brought it home for me to try. I know I stay up late, but that tea has been a miracle for me. I've had sleep disorder all my life. I get it from Amazon now - I'm on a subscription and get a box every 2 months. That way, I don't risk running out.

Trudy, we used to buy sides of beef years ago. I remember how exciting it was to get it. I rarely eat red meet these days and Chuck doesn't eat a whole lot of it (although he loves beef).

My son-in-law swears that he's going to get me to love venison and it's not going to happen. I told him that I didn't even eat beef, so he'd have trouble "tricking me" into thinking I was eating beef and I was really eating venison. That is definitely going to be an issue because he and his brother are big deer hunters. They have their blinds set up already in the woods. His brother was out there all afternoon yesterday.

We're doing some housecleaning today - this house isn't very big, so it doesn't take very long. Chuck has swept every room already - I love having a "house husband".

You all take care - Rae, hope your back gets better soon.

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