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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 02-11-2019, 05:54 AM
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Default Daily Ooo's: Monday, February 11

And we are back to Monday! I am in a better head space this morning than I was yesterday. Still not great, but the heaviness that I had is eased a bit. My BFF emailed me back telling me that I didn't need to apologize for things that were done 20 years ago and that we were both learning to navigate something that no one prepares you for. She is having a hard time with some of the discussions and vitriol going on. She knows that I have her back and that is what matters. I love her- wish it was easier for us to get together.

We had a good time with my parents. Caitlyn brought the rats down afterward. We were both wearing hoodies and the girls would run from one of us, hang out in our hood for a bit and then if we stood next to each other, they would scramble over to the other one. I was cutting them up some bites of melon and Olivia kept dropping hers so I warned Caitlyn if she put her hood up to check her hair for soggy cantaloupe pieces.

I was working on my food shopping for Tuesday when I saw that we are supposed to get snow- anywhere from 1 to 3" or 4 to 6". At 4 pm, I was scrambling to put together a food list so I can get there this morning. Crud! I am not ready at all.
So that is how I will start my day- Food shopping on a Monday morning the day before a storm. Give me strength!

Have a fantastic day! xoxo

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Old 02-11-2019, 06:09 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 49,147

Nancy- Yup, more snow but it looks up here were are going to possibly switch to ice, not rain. I hope that you only get rain because, hey, you never know. Be careful if you go out on Tuesday in case the sidewalks aren't treated well. My MRI is Wed and hopefully, the roads will be clear (the hospital is 35 minutes from me) but if I slip and fall it is not as bad as if you did. Reschedule if you have to. (sorry, I am butting my nose in... )
Luther!!! J does the same thing when she throws up. It is so gross. Is he feeling better? Hopefully, it was a one-time thing.

My hearts breaks that your friend had a very similar situation to my BFF. One of the things that I learned is that her baby existed, that she has three children even if only 2 are living. Talking about it really helps but as my BFF has said, most people don't know how to talk about it. So good of you to listen to your friend. She -- and her husband-- need that.

Rae- hope that you had a good visit with B. This winter's weather is so strange. Stay warm and cozy!

Kay- enjoy your day while you are preparing for your friends tomorrow.
Lucky you to have a well-stocked freezer!


~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 02-11-2019, 07:36 AM
nancyr nancyr is online now
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good morning - well we have a dusting of snow on the ground and more is expected tomorrow. I will be very careful walking to get to my evaluation. It is a 7:15 am so I am hoping that the snow has barely started. My son and my DH were very helpful yesterday making sure that I do my exercises. I love that. My son is really doing a good job in keeping up with going to the gym but it is easy as it is right there where he works. My Devils won their game yesterday 3-2 over the Hurricanes. It was exciting. Watched two more episodes of the Mrs Maisel. It is really good - I know I keep saying it but it really is. And I only have two more episodes for season 2. Then I have to find a new show. I actually started a scrap page so that made me feel good.

Chris I totally agree that I have to be super careful tomorrow walking if there is snow or ice. This facility is a rehab facility and so they are very careful. Tomorrow we should get snow but then by the afternoon it will be rain.

Kay I too could read that many books but then I feel guilty that I should have been doing something. Someday I won't feel guilty! Have fun reading. Congrats selling the incline table. Congrats on finding food to eat. Have fun with your group luncheon.

Rae I see the northwest of the US is supposed to get another storm hope you get your snow (just a bit) so Taz is happy. Hope you had a great time with B.

Have a great day all!
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Old 02-11-2019, 08:20 AM
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Did a bit of set-up for the luncheon tomorrow. Got the dining room table set with place-mats and centerpiece and extra chairs. The back is 'iffy' enough that I won't do a full bore cleaning but will hit the high spots. With just me here and I am pretty good and keeping things picked up, that will have to do. These weather fronts have been affecting my bod and Uncle Arthritis is doing his number. I keep telling myself that friends are coming to visit not to inspect the house.

I was going to bake some brownies for dessert but discovered the mix was out-of-date by several months! Won't take a chance on mixes so into the trash it went. I have some pumpkin spice loaf bread so will bake up both loaves instead. Yep... they are nearing their Use Before Date! Just goes to show that I don't make desserts that often.

Nancy, hope that the rehab place keeps the sidewalks shoveled and salted. You sure don't want to take a chance on a fall. Glad the guys are encouraging you about your exercises. About the books... I don't feel guilty about reading... just as most don't feel guilty about watching TV. Since I only watch it for weather info... I have lots of time for reading.

Chris, I was over your description of the rats running around between the two of you and grabbing the cantaloupe pieces. Yikes... would hate to find soggy pieces in my hair!!! Sorry that you have to do a rush job on grocery shopping before the storm. BTDT
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Old 02-11-2019, 10:50 AM
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Morning ladies... I am late arriving here this morning. Totally MIA yesterday, well I did have a long post all ready to go and then poof!!! The power went out :gahh: It was only out for a minute or two but enough to shut down my computer. I just did not have the time or energy to repost the whole thing again. So instead I made a page, it was good to scrap again! It snowed all day here yesterday and I can officially say we had Snowmageddon!! So after supper DH and I got the shovels out and spent an hour clearing the driveway. Otherwise he would have never made it out to get to work this morning. Sure wish we would have kept the snow blower that we had in Saskatchewan! I don't think that DH will be using his truck anytime soon .

Today I will be stuck here at home, so more work on the staircase and I guess a bit more shovelling later today as we are getting yet more snow today and tomorrow Oh well it's a good time to get the staircase done right?? Starting on the spindles today and will prime them with one coat and then get to painting the white after that. It will be nice to have this big job finished. Lots of little touch ups to do with the stain too, but that will be done last. Going to work on another painting for Heather and will have to get the paints mixed up soon so I can get that out in the mail for her when it is completed. Sadie wanted my first paint pour project so I will have to get that out too. Uggh I am not looking forward to finding out the cost of mailing those!

Chris - I am sorry that you were feeling so Melancholy, but it is so good that your friend has you to listen to her and know that you try to understand the pain she has gone through! Sure hope that you do not get as much snow as we have! Nice that you had a good visit with your parents and the rats climbing all over you and Cait, made me smile! Hope there were no cantaloupe bits in Cait's hair!! Ewwww!! Hope you don't have a long time in the grocery store, not my fav place to be either.

Nancy - Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to the snow stays away for you and that you get to your appt with no problems! Nice that the guys are helping you so much and making sure you do your exercises, love that!! Take care with being outside, we don't want you back in the hospital I bet you can't wait until you are able to get back to walking with Luther and going to your Devils games!!

Kay - How nice that you can spend your time reading so much! I have started a new series of books that my sister has given to me. A author from right here on the Island, who lived not far from where I do now. It is so cool to hear her describe places here that we are very familiar with. Her pen name is Chevy Stevens, she has written six books so far that I know of all are thrillers/mysteries. So far the one I have started is pretty good!

Hope you get your place all ready for the get together tomorrow, but yes remember that they are there to visit not to inspect your cleaning .

Rae - did you get the snow like we did yesterday?? Poor hummers I kept having to clean out the snow on the feeder so they could use it.

Ok I need to get in the shower before DD calls and then get to work on the stairs. Have a great day everyone!
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Old 02-11-2019, 10:58 AM
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The long story short. My dad had to travel to town 2 hr away. His boss pay to go with his personal car, because delivery company takes more expensive, and previous time the items was messed, so he have to go and check their model before to pay. In this town have manufacture of sweets. So dad get also my sister, mom and yes the dog too and left them to shop while he does his job, and pick up them after that. They come back home (I was working) with full bag of cookies, chocolate desserts and bonbons only for $15. I can live only on chocolate, so just love this place! Next time I'll clear my schedule and go with dad. But for now pretty happy to enjoying on what they brought me.

Chris, pfft, is hard for me to find words. Except to say that your friend have my sympathy. People are different. Personally I never would talk for such a thing, it's a pain I feel really intimate and it shouldn't be mentioned. I feel all these public discussion ugly and really painful, what gives right to all these people to give opinion?!
It's good that you are have nice time with your family! Hope the shopping to not be very annoying and storm to pass you.

Nancy, WOW, why so early appt?! At least you will can have it done and the rest of the day to be calm. You are proud with your boys with a reason! I always smiles listen how caring they are, it's give me sort of hope! Aww, I'm totally disagree that reading time is less important than to 'doing something', it's a travel for a mind so always worth it!
Oh I have not a cuddling cat too ( yes, expected I have any kind of cats) so I know what you mean. But my mom swears that cats feels your pain, she always left one to lay on her back, silly.

Kay, have fun on a party! Your desserts sound delicious! And hope weather to not to thwart your plans!

Rae, hope you had good time with B!

Trudy and Jean !

OK, some of you, just anybody, please send me some snow!!! Looks like I'm the only one who haven't, and you knows I love it.
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Old 02-11-2019, 11:55 AM
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I'll come back later to read personals. Just wanted to share a pic of Taz in his happy place. He was running through the snow with glee! I don't think we got quite as much as Trudy did over on the island but we got about 5" and more coming tonight and tomorrow. I spent over an hour shoveling last night but then did stretches for 20 minutes so am fine today, no stiffness. Luckily it was a dry snow so not too bad to shovel. Taz has been out playing a lot. He just can't get enough of the snow. I got up this morning, had a quick coffee and then head out with him and my camera for a walk along the river. It was only 17° so even though I bundled up, my fingers were frozen when we got back. Taz had ice and snow frozen onto his fur so he had to go into a warm bath to defrost him.

I'll be back later, tons of work waiting so I'll pop back in later this morning. Have a great day everyone.

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