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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 04-07-2020, 06:52 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
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Default Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, April 7

Happy Tuesday! I hope the sun is shining as brilliantly by you as it is here.

Who is ready to breathe with me? Just a simple one-- deeeeeep breath innnnnnnn--- hold--- slow breath ouuuuuuuut. One more breath innnnnnn--- hold-- - and ouuuuuuuut. Next, hold your hands out in front of you and shake the a bit., move up to the elbows, and then the shoulders. Loosen all of the muscles up and get ready to type

Yesterday was the best day I had in a long time. I love/hate that the sun and warm weather and dirt make such a huge difference in my attitude. I love it when it is going my way but hate it when it is not.
I spent well over 2 hours outside yesterday. I continued clearing out a bunch of leaves and weeds from the side yard. Transplanted a couple of these large plants from one area to another. They spread really well and grow in just about anything. I chatted with a mom and her three young daughters- they were on a photo walk looking for flowers so I pointed them in the direction of my mailbox where there was one lone hyacinth blooming. Another neighbor was driving up and down the street on a souped-up golf cart and yelled out that he liked our Lawnmower Man. I waved and thanked our mail carrier.

Today I am not sure what I have to do- I have a bunch of household things to be done, laundry is the big one. Some more Oscraps work. I really should try to work on some LOs-- I have 8-9 more pages to do for my nephew's birthday which is a month away.
Pancakes are on the menu for dinner!

-we listened to a town hall on FB last night and my mayor seems to be on top of this situation which is a relief.
-I was able to readjust my shopping order this morning without any issues!
-nice weather again today

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 04-07-2020, 07:11 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 50,441

I am not going to make my 9 am computer cut-off but I did spend time on the ShopRite website so I will give myself an extra minute or two here.

Nancy- how could anyone be scared of Luther? I get it, I think the same about my dogs, but I also don't blame people when J barks like a mad thing. Cute that they sent you an email.
I am so sorry that your coworker has died. I am def. seeing more and more people that I know saying they they know someone too who has it or has died. We are worried about Cait's professor. This is the one that Cait has been frustrated with since she had a term paper draft due yesterday and hadn't been about to get in touch with for some questions. The prof hadn't logged into Moodle since the 29th so Caiotlun contacted the Psych Dept Convener who also hadn't heard from her. Then Cait gets an email from the Dean saying that everything is fine, but he would be passing along any instruction for a while. That doesn't sound like "everything is fine" to me.
It must be so strange watching old games/teams.
That cat thread was so funny! I felt bad for laughing so hard.

Felis- I am glad that your body is on a good for felis schedule! No many people can say that. Mmmm, coffee is yummy. I was listening to someone talk about how it is to live in NYC in an apt building with a baby. I am very lucky to be where I am as well.
I don't mind muddy paws either!

Trudy- how pretty the moon must have been! I might take the dog(s) for a walk instead of yard work today. So happy that you and your Gary did that too.
I am so relieved that Jonah's dad "only" has gallstones and that he is able to stay safe while he is there.

Jean- that puzzle is gorgeous and I can see how it was difficult! SO cute that you were watching a doc on ravens at the same time.
Thx for the compliments on my avi. I took this selfie when I was down the shore with my mom last October. That was a good time we had together. (I miss my mom. Talking on the phone isn't the same.) Yours is great too-- I can change mine back to the dogs if you like

Kythe- that is really awesome that you are able to make masks. hope that the machine is an easy and inexpensive repair.
That is fab that you were able to find a pattern and adapt for DH's big head

(*whispers conspiratorially* dooo it...... go outside in the dirt.... just do it. )

Hugs to all of you!! Be well!!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 04-07-2020, 08:02 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
Ozone's Official Praise Queen
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 24,006

good morning - yesterday was gorgeous. Luther and I got out for a great walk but the poor guy cut it short as I think he was hot. I went out around 2:30. As I was walking there was a birthday party going on where cars and kids in cars and all were doing social distancing but no masks. I would say 90% of the people out did not have masks. I think masks are necessary in crowded areas but not out on a walk were I am so far from people. Got a text from my oldest and he has been laid off from his mechanics job but he can of course go on unemployment and because his wife is a teacher he has health benefits through her so he was good. I told him just rest and recover. He loves cooking so he will be doing that now that he will not be rushed. He even made carmel popcorn. I should clear up my youngest son's relationship. He is in love and his girlfriend is going through a divorce and when that is completed they will be married. It is of course not official but I know it is coming. She has two young kids and they seem to really like him so that is awesome. Her family also likes him so that too is awesome. But with the pandemic not sure if the divorce moves along or if all is put on hold. So I call her my future DIL. So the sun is shining and I plan on being out with Luther so that is good.

Chris so glad you had fun outside. It was a great day yesterday. That is strange about Cait's professor. Maybe privacy laws prohibit them from saying the professor is sick. As long as she has done the work and the dean knows then she should be fine. It is good to see neighbors and talk even at a distance.

Trudy it will be cloudy and so we will miss the biggest moon. So bummed. But at least we have some sun now. Glad you could find some good colors for your new art. Walks are the best!

Felis yes sleep and rest and recover. Enjoy the time with the pets and family.

Jean loved the puzzle. How fun to learn about ravens while doing the puzzle.

Kathe so glad you have nice weather. Awesome you could find a repair shop open. Awesome for the masks!

have a great day
Grateful for sun
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Old 04-07-2020, 08:44 AM
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Occasionally logs off
Join Date: Jul 2015
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Hi, gals... just popping in for a quick up-date on how I am doing. Figured out that anything [to do with scrapping/posting] that had a time deadline would push the BP up - but thankfully not into the dangerous levels. Doc said it would take a week or so for the body -BP- to adjust to the meds so to limit anything seemed like stress. So for now, I will be taking a break from that type of activity. I will pop in occasionally to see how everyone is doing.

Had plumbers out yesterday to figure out why my water bill almost doubled for Feb and March. Was worried that it was a leak in the walls... turned out there was a leak on the vacuum line to the outside drip system... but the main cause was that the timer on it got set to 6 hours... not 6 minutes!!!! Thank heavens I had thought that it might be the drip system and had shut it off the the last week of March. They also repaired a couple of heads that were not working right. They also looked at the shower control in the master bath that is not opening as far as it should. Told me how to get the replacement part [under warranty] and gave me a quote on replacing it. That can wait until after this epidemic is over. The 2 guys were great at keeping social distancing, wear shoe covers and gloves when in the house and wiping down what they touched. I still did the disinfect on areas I knew they been around. So glad that the majority of their work was outside and in the garage where the drip system control box is.

The governor here is recommending wearing masks if you have to go out. So I dug out some material and cut out 4 masks - 2 for DD#1 who is getting groceries for me and 2 for me - just in case I have to go anywhere. Turned out I had misread the directions - instead of 15" X 8" i had cut them 15" X 18" ! ! ! ! No problem to cut them down so I have enough for 8 masks. I got 3 of them made - 2 for DD#1 and 1 for me. Will get the rest made sometime this week. So glad that my sewing supplies has plenty of elastic for them. Son-in-law #1 does wood-working and had a couple of masks he used when doing that - but will give him a couple of my "extras". DD#3 has made masks for her family so they have enough.

Chris, glad you got some 'outdoor' time to play in the dirt with your plants. Yes, we are having warm weather too - up into the 70's so had the house opened yesterday and got it aired out good. Limiting computer time is probably good for us but don't stress over it if you need a bit more time to get things done.

Nancy, glad you got a nice walk in. I keep seeing memes about poor dogs being walked so much that they want to left alone... ... bet the heat was a big much for yours. When I woke up yesterday morning (at 4"30 AM) the moon was shining on my door to the patio like a spotlight. So bright and beautiful. It got my day off to a good start even though it was an early wake-up.

Kythe, glad you figured out how to get a comfortable fit on the mask for your guy.

Need to close this out and get into the shower as DD will be over to pick up the masks in a little while. Will pop in occasionally and let you know how things are going.
~~~~ KAY ~~~~ My Gallery
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Old 04-07-2020, 08:51 AM
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O is my home!
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Hi, girls,
This morning I was wrote very pessimistic post. From the moment when arch break (before few days), I'm feeling as a magnet for problems and at the past few days had to deal with lots of troubles. Some really nasty! I'm not actually sure why I make this clarify now. I don’t want to be a person that makes others feel bad by shoving tons of complaints in peoples faces. Everybody already have enough intense stress and anxiety. And I definitely don't want any kind of pity! Pity is the worst thing at the world! Can I just get a hug, please!
It's nice that I had enough time to rethink my feelings. It's like an eternity from my morning thoughts to these at the evening (now). It sounds as my posts contradict each other from day to day, and even at the same day. But it's because, I had a lots of lovely and surprising posts and comments at IG, then so nice comments here at my O layout, that cheers me a lot.
And better Lets to concentrate on personal:

Jean, the raven puzzle is really impressive, and probably was very difficult! Indeed It's funny that you are watched a program for ravens for inspiration ! Yes, it's always interesting to sneak peek at the artis' personal places! I love these acoustic gigs, but also feels strange when people write "do another, do another!", thats mean that they literally expect musicians to work for free. I'm not sure do IG pay something for these lifestreams, I know that Youtube have monetisation, but not sure for the social media. Yes, I understand you about the Nashville country music! I'm so unfamiliar with the country music in general, and have fun to found new songs and bands. For me is most important the lyric, so I really enjoy to switch the stiles from time to time.

Trudy, the waterfall layout is so pretty! It's kind of sad and scary that you can move from this place, hope you wasn't talk seriously! Except in case that you go closer to the kids, then yes it would be nice! Wish fast recovery to Jonah's father!

Kythe, nice that they still could repair your machine! So many places are closed at the moment.

Chris, I'm so happy to hear you are happy and smile today! My mom was working at the yard too, but I don't find it warm enough to join.

Nancy, tell your son that everybody goes thru this now, I'm still suffer as I can't imagine what job I want to search for now (Definitely not one that including animals, as my education is!!!), he at least have the cooking. Oh, so good about your other son! It's so nice to be in love! I'm kind of surprised as I was understand that he is gay. WOW, woman with kids, how brave! Uumm her ex will be part of every holiday, modern relationship are so complicated! Something that makes me suffer a lot is that on my age there will no be first kiss, first... and even first proposal, we are spend all these precious moments with the wrong people.

I have my O family to smile my day!
the new music video released today that brings me smile
and pets, always pets.
My Oscraps gallery
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Old 04-07-2020, 08:53 AM
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O is my home!
Join Date: Mar 2015
Posts: 5,247

Kay, we crossposted , happy to see you popping in!
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Old 04-07-2020, 09:33 AM
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Crazy about the "O"

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 27,052

Morning everyone! Another clear blue sky today, so it will be a good day for a nice long walk! I am really missing my lap swimming but the walking is good and breathing in the fresh air is so nice! It was nice to see and hear the kids across the street playing street hockey with their Mom and Dad, but sure feel sorry for the little boy two doors over who used to play with his neighbours and now cannot. He watches from his front deck and talks to them, but I bet he wishes he was out there having fun Mason sent me a photo yesterday of him and his brother and Dad and the 6 frogs that caught, they said Mom is having frogs legs for supper tonight . YUCK!! of course he is aware that they have to let the frogs go at the end of the day, but it sounds like they are having lots of fun outside exploring!

Chris - I am loving your cute new AVI and the beautiful view in the background too! How nice that you had a good day outside in the dirt and that you got to talk to a few people too! I am the same and not sure what I will be doing today. I hope to get out in the backyard and do some weeding, the peonies are coming up fast and furious, so I should put the cages around them so they don't droop over when the start to blossom. I have been thinking that I could probably cut the grass in the back, but then DH would be upset, he loves to do yardwork. I hope that he will BBQ hamburgers for us for supper tonight too. I should work on a layout today too. Hope you have a lovely walk with the dogs this afternoon!! Soak up all that wonderful vitamin D!! Sure hope that Caitlyn's prof. is not ill with the virus. I still can't contact the man that wanted my painting, so I am thinking that something horrible has happened.

Nancy - Poor Luther, hope he is more into a nice long walk for you today! Thanks for clearing up the situation with your son and his girlfriend, how wonderful for him to have found her! I hope that the divorce will be final soon. You will be Grandparents too, how awesome is that!! Sorry that your other son has been laid off, but thankfully he will still have his benefits and his cooking!! Perhaps some good food coming your way! Yummm I love Carmel Popcorn!!

Kay - Thanks for the update on how you are feeling! I hope that your BP adjusts soon and you can get back to your routine of scrapping and being creative! Glad to hear that you got your water issues taken care of! Yikes on having the timer set to 6 hours instead of 6 minutes!! No wonder your water bill went through the roof!! Good on you for figuring it was the sprinkler system and shutting it off! Not sure what I will do if we have to start making masks?? I do not sew very well, I have a sewing machine, but then you need material too. .

Felis - Here are some hugs for you today!! I am sorry that you are feeling sad/mad?? I would never move away from this island, but perhaps one day might have to move away from this home, it is large and requires lots of work, but mostly it will be the fact that we might not be able to afford to stay if DH retires and we do not open the Air B&B that we have been hoping to do. With this pandemic, we have put renos on hold and so it might be a while before we can even think about having the Air B&B. Thank you for the nice comment on my waterfall layout! Looks like you have won a prize at the Birthday Party too, so I hope you have fun shopping!!

Kay - So glad that you got your mask sized and that it fits your DH's big head . Hope you are keeping safe and healthy and that you are able to get back to scrapping again!

Jean - OMG that puzzle is just beautiful!! I love Raven's they are so smart! I will have to see if I can find the documentary on them! It does look like it would have been hard to do though! I love your new AVI!! You have finished it off so nicely too with your name etc. I should really change mine. I look a bit stunned in this photo . Hard to find a good photo of myself, but then I guess we are all critical of our own photos aren't we? I was at the post office that is attached to a little store where you can pick up party things etc. and they sell the most amazing puzzles in there! There were two people buying a few of them while I was mailing off a little parcel to Heather and her boys for Easter. Everyone of course keeping there distance and abiding by the rules which was tricky in that little place. I hope you and your DH continue to have fun with more puzzles and good tv! Hopefully the weather continues to warm up for you!

Ok I best get into the shower and get the bed made etc. Hope to spend some time here with some scrapping and gallery commenting today. Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe and healthy!!

Gratitudes -
We have Chris to help us with our breathing every morning! (thanks Chris!)
The sky is blue and the temps are warming up
I can spend time being creative today!
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Old 04-07-2020, 12:01 PM
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Good morning ladies. What a different schedule I have now. Mornings are busier with Jen and Noel (cat) here. We chat more, I get interrupted a lot more from work (no complaints, I am enjoying having them here). I spend more time with the animals. I am so happy to have this time with Noel, he is old and sick, starting the downward slide, so I am grateful that we have this time with him. He loves us and really loves being here. He's purring and more interactive than he's been for quite some time at Jen's, as she was gone to work a lot and with Bailey so Noel was left alone quite a bit. Now he has me every day to snuggle with and he's loving the kitchen window with the birds and squirrels coming right up to him at the glass.

I've been having more family time and less on-line time.

I hope everyone stays healthy and finds simple joys in this stressful time.

I'm getting to work now while the house is quiet, the animals are sleeping, D is on a zoom conference and Jen went to work for a few hours. BFN
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Old 04-07-2020, 12:25 PM
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DH is watching the daily session with our governor and after we are going to the grocery store. Not looking forward to that, but we haven't come to grips with trying to get delivery yet (supposedly scheduling 7 days out) and need things. Will be our first time out wearing masks. Last night I just didn't feel like cooking, so we did a frozen pizza and watched one of the Indians' baseball games from late last season that's on the MLB channel at YouTube. Too bad it was one they lost.

Maybe I can do personals later, too antsy right now. Sorry.

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