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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 06-02-2020, 07:21 AM
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The Loopy-O

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Default Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, June 2

Good (????) morning! Who is ready to relax a bit?
Deep breaths today. Really grounding and slow. Feel planted firmly on the floor. Breathe in light, let it fill you. Release all of the old, negative energy you are holing. Again-- breathe in a golden light, let it reach every cell in your body. release the negativity. One more time-- in with the light, and then let all of the dark flow out.
Stretch a bit, release any tensions in your shoulder and jaw. Ahhh!
Can you tell I am having a rough morning? )

I am only going to focus on the good things today.
The best thing I have to share was that Camp Fire Night was a huge success and the highlight was when a baby raccoon came out!!
Around 4.30 or so last night, Gary and Scott went out to set up the chairs and the fire. I made beans and corn and Scott made campfire rice. They cook this when they go camping-- precooked white rice over the fire with some butter. It gets a bit toasty, smells a little like popcorn. We had some music going, and just chatted. Then, Scott sees a little raccoon face popping up behind the woodpile. Such a tiny thing too. We are wondering if there is a den back there. We have some of our old Christmas trees against it to give shelter to critters, so maybe there is. That would make us happy. Gary was able to get a video of it. It is on my FB page.

After dinner, we made s'mores and Jiffy Pop popcorn. The kids were *fascinated* by that. I haven't made Jiffy Pop since I was a kid. It is still fun to watch the foil pop up!
We were out back for a couple of hours and it was really very relaxing. I still smell like campfire too. I will have to wash my hair real good this morning. The kids bought a motion-activated night camera they are setting up int he backyard. They want to see what kinds of animals they can get on tape. Plus Caitlyn is making a Bingo Card and we will have to do something silly when we get a Bingo. (if we get a Bingo I guess, hahaha!!)

Today is chilly so I am going to do some work inside and then I am making some chicken and potatoes for dinner.

-Theme Nights
-Jiffy Pop!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 06-02-2020, 07:37 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 50,725

Kay- great to hear that you are feeling better. I am so excited for you to get your library book! I am with you-- I hope that June is better than May.

Nancy- (I know I said that I was only focusing on the good, but I have to respond to Nancy!!! ) That was a sad photo of the WH all dark. Very symbolic of the times. I love seafood but like chicken, I like it when it doesn't look like an animal. That is heartwarming to hear that your DS was having a great time with his MG birding. We like to look at the birds too but we classify them as "big" "little" black" "loud" heh
You got to see baby wildlife too! How sweet and a sign of hope.

Trudy- heck, if you are going to blow us off there, at least it is b/c of FaceTime with the grands! That is fab news that they are doing well. Your day sounded very busy- I hope you have some downtime today.

Felis- Happy Children's Day- so sweet that your parents still made you gifts. I am really jealous that your country is doing well and is able to reopen. My state is doing pretty well and is going to slowly reopen this month. But I have a feeling the protests are really going to make things worse again. It was good to see that most of the people int the New York and New Jersey protests had masks. The posters for local ones I am seeing are saying masks are required.
I am glad that you laughed at that big buffoon. I can't even hear his voice without my head exploding.
Cait refuses to burn the socks but maybe I can ask her to sage them? ha!!
I also proud of Leah too, she did great!


~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 06-02-2020, 09:53 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
Ozone's Official Praise Queen
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morning - the day is cloudy but seems no rain for a while. Yesterday was nice as we got in two walks with Luther. My DH had to go to work today so a bit worried. He has already walked Luther so he is now resting. Watched Songland and BeBe Rexha was the one to pick out a song for the Olympics. It was just amazing to watch and the ending was so surprising. It is a great song now if the Olympics will occur. Today is pretty low key. Got to get some scrapping done as another month has finished.

Chris I don't have words for what is happening to our country so I won't try. I am glad you had such a fun night. I should get jiffy pop. It is fun to see it rise! I loved the video of the baby raccoon. It was so cute. Hope the rats are recovering well.

Kay so glad you are getting better and that the weather is not too hot. We may get to 87 by mid week with humidity so a real summer day for us.

Trudy glad that things are going well for the kids out east. Don't know but assuming you will be hiking today. Have fun. Do you know when you can swim laps again?

Felis how fun must Children's day be. How sweet of your parents. I will check out the movie and I like both of those actors a lot. I heard nice reviews of that movie. Glad you are opening up in your country. And yes Trump will never admit to immigrants doing important things.

Jean hope you are having good time.

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Old 06-02-2020, 10:47 AM
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Occasionally logs off
Join Date: Jul 2015
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Morning, all.... been enjoying the rain. Had a couple of showers late yesterday and it rained again early, early this morning. Looks like we got about 1". Have a chance for another few rain showers this week. We sure can use it. It did cool things off so enjoyed having the house opened up this morning. Just got through closing it up as it is the same outside and inside with the temp starting upwards.

Yesterday was a good day... picked up my reserved book at the library - no patrons there except for me. They also had a couple racks outside on the porch with free books. I snagged a few of them - the first 3 books in a fantasy series. whoo-whoo! Then over to the credit union to get my money from the stimulus debit card deposited in my account. And made a quick stop across the street at the veggie market for some fresh fruit and veggies. Had a nice nap then decided that I needed to use up some of the apples I got last week - so I made a pan of apple crisp for dessert. Need to freeze some of it to have for later on.

Chris, I saw the video of the raccoon of FB... so cute but very shy! Great job on capturing him moving around. Glad you had a fun Camp Fire night. Oh, I haven't had Jiffy Pop in years! The kids used to love watching the foil puff up and the popcorn popped. Great memories. Been seeing a lot of S'mores on FB lately... making my mouth water! I am sure you all enjoyed those 'camping' treats.

Trudy, can understand why Facetime with the kiddos takes precedence over posting here. Hope you have more of you kitchen project completed. Smart move to clean the cabinets out as you get ready to paint each one. Not such a huge cleaning chore if you did them all at the same time.

Nancy, hope your DH doesn't over-do going into work. Glad he got Luther's walk before he left. My Son-in-law #1 said it was a bit of a challenge being back at work after being off for over a month. He said it getting easier on him now that he is back in the swing of things. Hope that is the same for your DH.

Got a good look at the June challenges and they have my mind whirling... have a few good ideas - so need to get to work on them. Sending good wishes out to everyone.
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Old 06-02-2020, 11:01 AM
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Ozone's One In A MilliOn
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Good Morning everyone! It is a cloudy blah type of day today. I have a few things that I need to catch up on this morning and an order to put in for Norwex products. Other than that it is the same old thing of sanding, priming and painting. Almost done so hopefully this project will be completed by the end of this weekend! DH will still have to re-do the edging along the countertops,(they are wood) and they need sprucing up and he wants to make them a bit darker than what they are now. But my part of this job will soon be done and I am so happy with it! Got some frustrating news yesterday that one of the birthday gifts that I ordered for Mason was cancelled, no real explanation as to why, so now I am scrambling to figure out what else to get him. His birthday is in 2 days!!! Nothing I order is going to get there in time. Oh well his Mom will just have to explain it to him I guess. I am sure he will receive many gifts so maybe he won't notice that his Grandma short changed him .

Chris - Your campfire night sounded awesome and how fun to see the baby raccoon! I hate when my hair still smells like campfire, but love to sit around the fire a could spend hours doing it! Sometimes it takes 2 or three shampoos to get that smell out of my hair. Thank goodness for your family fun nights, they at least keep you sane and hopeful that the future will be better for your country. I hope you can find something fun to do today!

Nancy - I hope that you don't worry too much over your DH heading back into work! Nice that you both got out for a walk together though! It is raining today and glad that my hike is not today I don't like hiking in the rain . Actually our hiking group will start up again on the 10th of June and then the next day I get my hair done! Hooray!! My hair is getting really long and doing funny things in the back . It sure will be nice to see my hairdresser again even if it is behind a mask. I wonder how much more I will be having to pay because of all this COVID nonsense Have fun scrapping and enjoy your day to yourself!

Kay - Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday! How fun to have so many new books to read! Did you get someone hired to do your yard work for you yet? I hope so! Now you have some yummy apple crisp for your dessert tonight! Smart to freeze some for future desserts too! Yes the June challenges all look so good and I am hoping to finally get to work on a few of them too!

Felis - How nice that your country celebrates children's day! So sweet that your parents still make little gifts for you! Hope that the opening of your theatres etc. all goes well and that there is no second wave for you! Yes I have started this month out with a bang!! We do have the same saying here! I am so impressed with the way you can converse with us in English, you improve every time you post here!

Ok best get a move on with the sanding and then I really need to catch up here at the O with a few things! No where else to go today, so that is good! Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Old 06-02-2020, 05:25 PM
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Today has just slipped away. Have to make dinner soon. It also really heated up from the chilly weather I was enjoying. Had a long Zoom meeting with the computer genealogy group board and two people from another local group of the same sort (originally all one group). They are thinking to go virtual permanently and perhaps merge the two. As you can imagine we talked a lot. Anyway we're having three separate sessions for our June programming. I also had to write up things for our newsletter.

Chris, thanks for the descriptions of Camp Fire night. I love it. You sure Cait won't burn those socks? We might all wish she would. Also love your Alien Night LO. Super colors.

Felis, also like your country's childrens' day and the sweet gifts from your parents. Definitely a feel good thought. Like hearing about more normal conditions there. And love your pointing out the Bulgarian influence in Space-X!

Nancy, how does DH get to work? Imagine that is the tricky part. Hope you enjoy getting the hot weather. I'm counting on a brief cool down next weekend.

Kay, fun to get free books as well as the hold from the library. Today our library was to open a little, but mostly for holds. Apple crisp and fresh produce sounds good.

Trudy, sure hope the kitchen work does wind down. We're looking forward to the after photos that will be so grand. Looking forward to your resuming hiking next week.

for genealogist who want to talk...and talk...
no really
and always DH

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Old 06-02-2020, 06:35 PM
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Hello girls!
I'm Back to work and I can't believe I'm excited about that. My family laugh on me and make bets how soon I'll start complaining from it again. For now we will work slowly, much more limited than before, but as we said in my country: when it not flows at least to drip, any money are welcomed! I figure out that I actually need 2nd part time job, instead to change this one. So now I will looking for that. Jean was ask me do I have option, and the honest answer is that I have lot of excuses. From one side I live just 1,5h away from the capital, my dad travel to work shorter than his coworker who live in the capital and have to deal with the city traffic at morning. But I can't drive car as I have problem with my eyes. When I was young I'm traveling with train, or friends, or dad, but I'm not ready to do this again. My town from other side is small, I bet your neighborhoods sometimes are bigger, so most businesses can't stand to the competition from the easy accessibility of the capital city. Everything as cats cafeteria, grooming, dog daycare, and pet hotels are there. And noting here. They was invite me at pet store, but my math is so poor and there was lot of weighing and calculating. I think I use my education more than enough as a cat foster, so want to work something completely different. (No I don't, I want to be a housewife, but I didn't get married ).

Oh, and that's reminds me
Chris, how you actually prevent the rats to not get rid of the stitches? When kitty is too small for ecolar, they wear recovery suit. I know these little Guinea Pig e collars, but they touch with their small hands. Is the same for rats?
Your Camp Fire Night sounds awesome! What is the next subject? WOW, the night camera is so cool!

Nancy, hope your husband enjoying getting back to work, and he's not stressed as my mom is! Did you was able to scrap?

Kay, enjoy your books and share if you liked them! Which fantasy series? I'm a huge fan of the earlier books of the series for Shadowhunters by Cassandra Clare. Not read yet the new generation, but will!

Trudy, oh, no, this for the canceled gift is pits! Especially for a child! Any chance for order from store in their town or local etsy?

Jean, merge the groups is good or bad?! I mean, bigger group is more fun or distraction?
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