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Designer Challenges Here you will find our Designer Spotlight Challenges, and designer based challenges

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Old 04-29-2017, 07:32 AM
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Default *closed* NBK Design Challenge "Photo Editing" 05/01-05/07


it´ s my time to host the NBK Design challenge. I want to focus on photos in this challenge. In my opinion, photos are important on a layout. It doesn´t have to be a professional photo, with some tricks we can make every photo looks like a professionell.
Sometimes we have a photo of a family member, a friend or a selfie with an ugly background and it distracts the view from the main motive.

So we want to edit a photo in a little bit romantic and retro effect.

I made this video tutorial on how I made it, but you can make your own, or you can stop at any point in the video, if you are happy with your result.
The final result should be a warm, little bit retro photo with a clear difference from the original.

my steps:
1. open a photo and duplicate it, in case we mess it up
2. make a selection around your subject, by using the quick selection tool.
3. refine the edges and sage it as "new layer"
4. Press STRg and click in the thumbnail of your selection layer.
5. make your photo layer visible and activate this layer.
6. go to select - modify - expand ant type 30px
7. Hide your layer with the selection, go to Edit - Fill - Content aware
8. Press STRG D to deselect your selection ( I forgot this in the video, this is why the Tilt shift filter didn´t work, until I recognized it ) and make your selection layer visible.
9. Go to filter - blur - tilft shift
10. Move the lines so that this parts are blured which you want to. Edit the sliders of the Bokeh lights and color.... click ok if you like the result.
11. Create a new layer and choose a round brush and warm color. The size doesn´t matter, we will resize it. paint somewhere in the photo and enlarge it. Put it on a place where you like it and edit the blending mode to "Screen"
12. Put the 3 layers ( your selection, the photo and the brush) in a group.
13. duplicate the group. Make sure this layer is active and press STRG + E to change it to a layer.
14. Go to the filter gallery - camera raw filter. Here it´s totaly up to you to play with the settings. Try all ! Click ok if you like your result
15. Open the gradient map. Choose the gradient from dark violett to orange.
16. Open the color lockup and try which file is best for you. I have choose late sunset and changed the opacitiy around 30 %
17. Put the gradient map, color lockup and group 1 copy in another group and duplicate it and change it to a layer by pressing STRG + E
18. Go to filter - sharpen - unsharp mask, make the amount around 50, the radius around 2,5 and the treshold around 20. But it depends on your photo and the size !

Done ! You can stop editing your photo at any point in the tutorial if you like the result.

Springbreak {Megabundle Weekly Templates April 2016} NBK Design
Alessio {Scriptpieces} by NBK Design
pic depositphotos

Make a page with an edited photo in the described way above.
Layout needs to contain some NBK Design products
Layout needs to be uploaded to NBK GALLERY and linked back to this thread.
Layout needs to be uploaded before 11.59pm Sunday May 07, 2017 CST.

Most important, have fun!!!
Can’t wait to see everyone's creations.

my gallery

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