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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 07-17-2019, 05:19 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
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Default Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, July 17

It is a lazy, hazy day of summer here for sure. We in New Jersey have the three H's-- hazy, hot, and humid. That also means we will likely get some strong thunderstorms and we have a flash flood warning up too. I am really bummed- we are going to have the same weather with even more rain tomorrow when I have plans to meet BFF and swim. Maybe I can reschedule for one day next week.
I am really glad that I have spent a lot of time outside the last few days. Cait and I were playing with W and J in the afternoon. We put the baby pool out for W again and wouldn't you know, she was jumping in on her own this time. That dog is the *happiest* dog I have ever met. She was running around the front yard and did a somersault. For real. Cait and I were laughing so hard and we kept saying how glad we were that we each say it. No one would believe us if we didn't corroborate each other. W was running, tucked her head and somersaulted right over. Got back up and kept running. Still makes me shake my head! I wish she could teach J to be able to play with such abandon. On a positive note, J was drinking the water out of the baby pool, so at least she isn't scared of the pool itself anymore. Baby steps!

All in all, it was a busy and productive day. Food shopping, played with the dogs, scrapped a page of Caitlyn at the pirate bar in Bermuda and then cooked a delish dinner-- onion and BB quesadillas, corn on the cob and vegetarian baked beans.

Today will be a bit quieter especially if the weather gets bad. I am cleaning this afternoon but aside from that, nothing major to be done.

Hoping that everyone is enjoying their day!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 07-17-2019, 05:28 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 50,139

Jean- how are you holding up with no AC? Are you able to hang out at the library or somewhere cool?
That is neat to watch a live class. I need something to shake up my scrapping to take it up a notch. (or two, or a hundred ) Did you post the LO yet? I am going to have to go look for it if you did.

Thankfully, the Plum Island that you have been to is not the same as the one in NY. This one is off the coast of LI.
I loved reading about your MM process and really neat how you used your mom's books too. TFS!

Hope that you are feeling better today, Felis!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 07-17-2019, 07:48 AM
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O is my home!
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Same old, same old! I doing the right thing, but do it at wrong way.
As the song said: ''too scared to sail away, but one of these days I'll grow brave and I'll go''. I guess you can't live the life you want for the whole your life. At the end you have to choose between your time or your finances. Every life situation have financial part, and this is nasty! At some fair world you can be just a housewife! Oh, wait this world existed, but someone decides it's not enough for them and screw up it for all!

Chris, Aww, I'm so jealous about the dog play at pool!!! Do you think mine is too small? Maybe this is the problem. If he lie in will fills it almost entirely, and my sister think that's it, but I want to can lie not to swim . I love pirate page, it's so cool! It's worth it to search for kits all these details are awesome! Bravo to your mom for her decision to go to PT! You are good inspiration for her! It is great that you become stronger!
Later I'll read this article about the Lyme, sounds intrigued and make sense, I'm hear this stories for biological weapon few times.

About the book, you are right about the spoilers, maybe we have to warn with *Spoiler or something. . Or if it's too much just to PM me. You are right all countries have similar historical episodes and it's so sad and infuriates that we don't learn one each other.
I can make parallel with US and how the Japanese families were sent to internment camps during World War II. This is what the first idea of the Communists was, but with the power they become more and more cruel. It is in human nature we are predators thirsty for blood. They defile one really good ideology for equality and eliminate social classes. I think it will work very well for the robots one day when they replaced us, because they will be deprived of cruelty and ambition and will be able to build fairly society. Yes we just distance, try to bury the history, removed and destroyed monuments and testimonies which was built for glory of this time. Because taste is bitter and it's not right to judge and blame your forefathers, we can only learn from them and improve.

Oh, corruption is in all levels. We try to fight with it, but unfortunately at the same time we look on it as something usual. System is made very complicated, for every single things no matter health or business you have to prepare bunch of documents and forms (is that sounds you familiar ) , and after that to waiting for approval ridiculously long. You have to be very patient or most people just quit and blame system for their failed. So out there always have some person on a high level which can 'support you' to move you ahead of others if you are agree to give him/her a little monetary stimulus. It's kind of sick way to prove that you are serious about our intentions and deserve it more than other less ambitious.

Jean, thank you so much about your explanation about the pieces of paper. Yes this is something I've always been curious. As you know 52 have few kits with pieces of paper and I'm always wondering what is written on them? I'm always thought its meaning have to be appropriate for the case. I have fears as what about if this is pieces of newspaper or sad poem? How cute to use your mother's old school! Love when old stuff get new life! Oh, looks different depending on view point, sounds so interesting! I wish I was able to see it!
I was watched all the videos at O blog previous year, really great place of inspiration. I don't know actually why I stopped?!

Wave to all, hope you enjoy your summer!
My Oscraps gallery
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Old 07-17-2019, 10:18 PM
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scrap-genie scrap-genie is online now
Ozone's Official Praise Mama
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Got new art supplies today, in particular a new, larger block of watercolor paper that will be good for mixed media. Hope I can start with it in class tomorrow. We had some rain from the remnants of Barry then it cleared up. We are going to get some very hot weather, so I'm not looking forward to that.

Chris, hope you get to enjoy some really hot weather and don't get rained out. Guess Gary will not be appreciating heat though. I did replace the first owl LO with the updated one.

Felis, thanks for the interest in my mixed media work! I appreciate the questions as it helps me focus. Wishing you some good feelings.

Sorry to be so brief, but about to call it a night.

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