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Healthy O's A place for us to talk about getting healthy, support one another, offer tips, tricks, complain, whatever we need on our journey to good health and weight loss.

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Old 01-14-2020, 06:17 AM
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WTG Vera, baby steps. I think once you start small and work your way up to your eating/exercising goals you will see a huge difference!!

I always put on a few pounds during the holidays too. I used to be able to get it back off in the spring and summer but the last few years, they do not want to go away. I can't diet (recovering anorexic)- counting calories is my downfall/obsession if I let it. I try to be more active in the spring, walks, yard work. Once the Christmas cookies are all gone, it is much easier to stop the snacking. I could eat cookies all day, every day.

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Old 01-14-2020, 07:47 AM
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You might look in to the work of Jason Fung - The Obesity Code. I've read that book and it changed my life. I think if you can eat less frequently (no snacking!) you'll see a trend in the right direction. don't limit yourself at meal times, that just leads to binging, but only eat 3 times a day to start.

You also might look at Julia Ross and her "cure" books. That's all about amino acids and how to correct imbalances.

Good luck! You can do it!

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Old 01-14-2020, 09:56 AM
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I found it was soda that was killing me. I lost my first 20 pounds by severely limiting my soda intake. (I was drinking the stuff like it was water.)
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Old 01-15-2020, 09:22 AM
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You got this girl! Alot of great info girls...thanks!
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Old 01-16-2020, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by veer View Post

This morning I started again, with an oatmeal baked in the oven with red fruit and banana, coconut flakes and low-fat yogurt.
Good start, now I have to keep up tonight with no sweets
Just tried an oven baked oatmeal this morning, never had that before.
I really liked it. I used just red fruit, frozen, but it tasted good.
I found a recipe and from the picture i thought it would be crunchy but it was not.
Will try it again with the coconut and banana! But not really the quick breakfast i am used to!

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Old 01-16-2020, 11:22 AM
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I have maintained my weight loss with only a few lbs gained back over the last 3 yrs or so. I started with keto and transitioned into paleo but now I carb cycle (some meals/days higher carb and some days low carb). There are various plans out there but I follow Trim Healthy Mama. I eat healthy, lots of veggies, low amount of starch, moderate fruit, low-moderate meat, eggs/protein powder a few times a week and very little white sugar and almost no wheat (the occasional burger but very seldom, mostly I eat gluten free but can sneak in a bit as long as I don't overdo it otherwise I get stomach issues). I think for me the key is to keep my gut flora healthy. I eat yogurt and granola/fruit almost every day. At night time I usually have a low carb muffin or a few cookies or an Atkins or Good Eats bar (low carb). I indulge now and again in a bag of cheesies, popcorn or chips but only a few times a month. I found that when I stopped eating a lot at night, after 2-3 days I stopped craving it and mostly now I'm happy with little or no snacking.
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