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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 04-25-2018, 05:35 AM
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Default Daily Ooo's: Thursday, April 25

HellOOO and good morning to you all! If it is afternoon, evening-- whenever you read it, I hope that it is "good."

I hope that today will be a bit more "settled" than yesterday was. More moody people in my house, including me. Scott was tired but fine and I barely saw him since it was his long day at school. Cait was home for most of the day until she went to babysit, but she was busy with schoolwork. Gary and I- whole different story there. He gets into these moods on occasion and I know to stay out of his way. So what do I do especially when I am in a similar mood? I cook. I was on my feet almost the entire day. I went food shopping, then cooked and apple cake, corn casserole and black bean burgers.
Shop Rite is looking a bit better. They seem to be doing more of an "open" plan opposed rows of aisles at least in the produce/deli section. Unfortunately, the produce is still yucky and expensive. But it is definitely more pleasant to look at and if I can push my cart around without wanting to smash into people, it is a win-win!!!

Caitlyn showed Gary and I the finished PowerPoint presentation. One of the slides lists foods that you would think are vegetarian but aren't. One of them was Jiffy Corn Mix-- it has lard in it. (ick) Naturally, that is what I was planning on using to make the corn casserole, also a favorite food of Cait's. But since she has a cool mom, I looked online to see if there was a Copycat Recipe for Jiffy Mix- and there was and she was very happy that she was able to eat it.
I was teasing her and asked-- "How cool is your mom?" and she said, "not very." So when I told her what I did, she said to Whisky-- "I really backed myself into a corner with that one." Whoops! hahaha!!

Floyd did much better for his fluids. That was a big relief since he isn't eating that much and I was worried. I have to give him Pepcid but I will do that on the days he doesn't get fluids so he isn't hating us too much. The burrito wrap seemed to help so I will use that when I pill him. Lucky for all of us that we love our pets.

The food pantry is on my To-Do list, then cleaning. So a quiet, rainy day. Hope all of you have a fantastic day!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 04-25-2018, 06:19 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 47,303

Felis- thank you for the link and suggestion. As I said up there, the burrito worked, at least this time around It also gave some absorbency in case he peed on Gary again. Thank goodness he didn't.
Any advice you have all is appreciated especially how to get him to eat.

Nancy- how was your day yesterday? The sun was out most of the day, but by the afternoon, you could feel the air change as it got cloudy and cooler.
Bet the walk was pretty with everything in bloom. So far, we only have forsythia in bloom, but that means we should be getting what you have now in another 2 weeks. Yay!
What is the Jane Hawk Series about?

Trudy- so sad for Canada and its tragedy. I try to read a variety of online news sources including BBC and The Guardian and it is shocking how different it is that in the US, people are amazed that the police officer put their gun away compared to what would have been the response here. Meanwhile, the other news agencies are matter of fact- of course, he put his gun away and de-escalated. OK, that was some crazy run-on sentences, but YKWIM?
My azaleas are getting more green and usually bloom mid-May but your yard will look so pretty for you soon. Hope that the hike and the weather are perfect today.
Your Gary will need both knees done? Oh no!!!! My dad's orthopedist said the same to him re: his hip replacement. He had his done in 2003 but it is still going strong. But hips are much easier than knees.
Really sorry to hear that for both of you.

I know that there is so much bad news out there-- but this is a good story from the bad-- the man who tackled the shooter at the Waffle House this past weekend has raised thousands of dollars for the victims in that shooting (last I heard it was $45K and that was days ago) *and* people have raised over $100,000 for him even though he says he is not a hero.
There is humanity still left. Always a good thing to remember

Felis- I hear you! I love this time of year and being out in the yard, but Mother Nature frustrates me with these evil ticks. I hope that your allergies ease up so you can enjoy being outside with the kitties.
Thank you for the sweet words about Cait- she is pretty cool when she isn't being a brat

Rae and Jean and all of you-- good happy thoughts to you all! Big hugs!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 04-25-2018, 08:29 AM
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taxed4ever taxed4ever is online now
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Morning O-zies! A gorgeous sunny day for our hike to Westwood Lake today! A bit of a drive to get there, but I am sure it will be worth it. Afterward I hope to hit the craft store (Michaels) and get a few supplies. I need to look for a new spring/summer wreath for my front door too. I will see how much they want for them anyway. Sometimes they want a fortune for them. I had a busy day yesterday and got in my laps in the morning and then a couple of hours at the hairdresser, it feels so good to have my hair done! We got my other appts all booked for my hair so that I will have my hair nice and ready for our trip to Paris this summer. My hairdresser was pretty smart to think of that! Had cashew chicken for supper, one of my MG's favourites! Not sure what to make for tonight as we will be sitting in front of the TV and hoping that the Bruins win their final game against the Leafs!! GO BRUINS!!

Chris - Sorry to hear that you are having a rainy day, but at least its not snow!! I am happy to send you some of our sunshine, I wish everyone could have a sunny day today! Nice that your shopping centre is getting to be a bit nicer to get around in. Why do they have such trouble getting you decent produce? You don't live that far out in the boonies do you? Heather has the same problem, seems she can't get decent veggies and yet if you drive 15 mins to Stratford they have amazing produce WTH?? She orders a lot of other groceries online and gets them delivered still cheaper than buying at the one and only grocery store in Mitchell. I hope that everyone gets over their moodiness today! Sounds like you were very productive in the kitchen though! I am sure all that good food will make everyone happier! Cait's powerpoint presentation sounds great! Yes she does have a very cool Mom! Nice to hear that you could the fluids into your poor kitty, hope it is helping!

I will try to pop in later on and catch up with you all, but for now I need to get my lunch packed and get my backpack ready for the hike. Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Old 04-25-2018, 09:11 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
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good late morning - well I am back from the dentist and while everything is good my teeth are aging. The ones that are aging the most are my 6 year molars. Well for goodness sake I would think so . But until there is pain I don't have to worry but then I will need a crown. But I am saving for that. Went to Walgreens to get my drugs and they had sent me a text saying they were ready and they were not. I was am a bit displeased but got a new text to say they are ready. I will go tomorrow when it is not raining. I finished book two of the Jane Hawk series and I am now probably going to just finish the series at least of the books written. Made a really yummy dinner last night - pork roast with a cumin sauce and fried rice with bok choy and ginger and garlic and egg. So so good. In fact my son took his dad's portion (with his dad's permission) for lunch today. Makes cooking worthwhile.

Chris sorry for the moodiness but glad it all worked out. I am not surprised that a lot of premade food contains non vegetarian products. Glad you were to good mom! Glad the store is getting better for shopping! It looks like we may see some warm weather next week! It is wonderful what has been raised for the Waffle house hero and by him. There are many more good than bad!

Trudy have a great time on the hike. How fun! Too bad about the knees for your DH. The question always has to be if you wait too long you are not healthy enough to recover from the new knees surgery. And why so much pain that someone has to tolerate. I know because I too am sort of at the cross road. Good luck on making a decision. Sounds though that the yard is awesome! Go Bruins!

Felis that is terrible about your allergies. It is no fun to be all stuffed up! But omgosh the beauty of the spring!

Waving to Jean and Rae!

Have a great day all!
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Old 04-25-2018, 10:30 AM
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Off The Hook
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Good morning, ladies. Wanted to take a minute to pop in and say hi. Nothing new here, same routine. We are waiting for the next round of Prednisone to finish and then the neuro team said they will talk to us about where to send her next for treatment. Hope that happens soon. We are hoping for the UBC site of VGH for their specialized neuro dept but with only six beds and the only specialized team in British Columbia, we realize the chances of her getting one of the six available beds is pretty slim but are fingers are crossed.

Just dropped Taz off at daycare and he was so excited. Poor little guy is not getting the attention and playtime he is used to. I am trying to make more time for him and get out for walks again with him. I am sticking to my 15-20 minutes weight lifting session every couple of days and am used to starting off my morning with that now, after finishing my tumeric/ginger/green tea/lemon/honey drink. Whoever would have thought that I could give up coffee first thing in the morning? Not me . I surprised that I am ok with it. I know that its important to keep my health strong and this is a good way to boost my system every morning. I do switch over to coffee mid morning for a few cups as I do love my coffee and won't give it up completely. But, doing this has gotten me to cut down to half of what I was drinking before.

Chris - you are such a great mom Glad to hear Floyd is doing better with fluids. Hope G's mood is better today.

Trudy - what a gorgeous day for a hike. Smart to book ahead for hair appt and have it done before your trip. You must be getting excited about it now. Sorry to hear G has to have both knees done. The good thing is that I hear recovery is fairly quick and hopefully then he will be painfree and much more mobile after that. How long is the wait list now?

Nancy - another amazing sounding dinner! The rice sounds good and I could substitute it with riced cauliflower. I might give that a try. I am trying to cook more with ginger and tumeric lately (such great health benefits).

Jean, Felis and everyone else.....hope all is well.

Need to get to work but am happy to have taken a moment to come say hi and see how you are all doing. Have a wonderful day, everyone.
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Old 04-25-2018, 02:04 PM
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Hello girls,
my sister is on a vacation with her friends for the whole week, which is awesome for her! I'm so happy for her, because she deserves break and fun time. And the weather is just lovely, so I'm sure this will be pretty cool vacation. But this also mean that I have to cook this week. It's like you are had dinner at Jamie Oliver's restaurant for ages and now you have to start eat food from a street booth. It's good, but just don't have any sophistication.

Chris, I'm afraid I don't have other ideas, than the snacks that we was discussed before. There is not many ways to force cat to eat if it don't want. Except to seduce him with delicacies, but with his diet you don't have many options. Sorry to hear that now you have a grumpy house, but I hope it's not for a long! I'm not sure what Jiffy Mix is, but we was surprised that our favorite gummy bears are actually gelatin.

Trudy, I'm so happy you will could go hike, have a fun! Smart decision for your hair appts!

Nancy, how frustrating for the drugs taken delay! How exciting to found book series that is so intrigued! I'm decided to not buy more series, before all books to be translated here, because few times already I bought 2 and the third is never been translated, so disappointing. You are so right about the beauty of the spring, I just can't resist to not go on a dog walks, even when this brings me new allergens.

Rae, good luck with these specialized neuro dept! I hope they will see her family dedication and wouldn't discriminate it because of the shadows at her health record! Don't worry Taz is very happy puppy and you'll can compensate him once when weather is good!

Jean, !
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