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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 02-07-2019, 04:56 AM
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Default Daily Ooo's: Thursday, February 7

Hey there! How is everyone this morning? I hope everyone is doing really well today. I am doing OK. I have to say that having access to online medical records can be a total blessing. I was able to log into my accounts this morning and saw that my appt for the MRI is all set and that my insurance company has my Prior Authorization processed. One less thing to worry about.
Of course, I also saw that my Rx for my mammo is waiting there for me too. I need to get that done and I know that it will be fine. But do I want to deal with that and then have to make the follow-up appt with the breast surgeon even though the appt will be easy? Or one medical issue at a time?

I have to post this and take the dogs outside. Back in a flash!
My goodness, Jaida is a BUTT. She wanted to do nothing but guard the driveway. The dogs see/smell something up the street and they have to stare at whatever it is. J is the worst. She didn't even pee and I had to practically drag her back inside.

So let's see... my day yesterday went fine. I honestly don't know if it because my brain is more focused on my ankle or if it is actually hurting more, but dang, it is annoying me a lot more than it had been. It had been bothering me at night but I seem to feel it a lot more during the day too. After cleaning for 3 hours, it was def. much more painful. Well, I can ignore it now for another week and then a couple of weeks after that.
I cleaned in the morning and started to scrap a LO in the afternoon. I hate that I have no creativity ATM. I realized how far behind I am for my nephew's album. (I make one every year for his b-day) I need to get some pages done for that but I am having a hard time fitting them into challenges here.

I have no big plans for today. I have some clothes that need to be sorted and donated. Scott cleaned out his closet a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed a couple of sweatshirts that will fit me. He has a few pairs of Levi's with tags on still that don't fit- I guess he thought he was gonna grow into them. Poor guy got my short and scrawny genes. He should take them to the consignment shop even if he only gets a couple of bucks for them.
My brain is also racing ahead to preparing for the idea that I might need some recovery/off of my feet time in the future. Which means I better get the rooms that I tend to ignore cleaned and dusted. Ohhh boy, that is a *lot*of rooms

I am going to need some Caffeinated Superpowers today.

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 02-07-2019, 05:50 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 47,632

*looks at the clock and realizes that I have wasted so much time literally staring at a traffic map of a place that neither I nor my family has to drive near today*

I really need to get more coffee...

Nancy- your PT seems like she is totally on the ball with meeting your needs. I bet it will be odd not having her around but good for you for "graduating" tomorrow. HIPPA laws are strange, right?

Kay- I am hoping that the sun stayed out and that the storm missed you. We have rain here again today. I don't mind the rain. At least not in February. Talk to me when my mom and I try to make it down the shore again and it rains every day.
Make sure that you take a pic for us to see the caps when you have them done.

Trudy- wow!!! that painting is soooo cool! When I taught PreK we did straw painting, poor kids would get light-headed if I didn't stay on top of them to blow through the straw nice and easy.
I really like the colors, the softness really melds together so nicely.
Good luck and have fun repainting the staircase.

Rae- yikes! 18* is not good. I wish this car had a remote start. I miss the old one. But at least D did it for you. Is his back holding up ok?
Stay warm!!

Kay- no!!! I was really hoping that the snow passed you by.

Stacey- where do you live? Thank goodness that everyone on the school bus was ok.

*looks back at the clock---ugh....*
I stink.

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 02-07-2019, 07:12 AM
BrightEyes's Avatar
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Official Occupant
Join Date: Jul 2015
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Morning... yesterday turned into a PJ day. DD#1 arrived before I was dressed and what with one thing then another, it was 3:30PM before I realized it, so I just stayed in the PJs. No point in getting dressed that late in the day.

The snow never really stuck as it was just at freezing yesterday. But the wind chill made it seem like it was in the 20's. It is 23* right now but the wind is blowing so it feels even colder. Really need to go to the store today, so will bundle up.

DD#1 gave me a heads-up that they will be coming to get the desk [that is in my master bedroom] on Sat. I need the space to move the sitting Exercycle from the family room into the bedroom. Right now it is sitting in front of the gas fireplace so I can't use the fireplace. I could use the extra heat in there. Granddaughter and family are moving in with DD#1 this weekend as they are preparing to stage their house to go on the market. His job is going away later on this year... so he is looking for another job in another state.

Chris, glad all is moving right along for the ankle surgery. Think I would postpone the mammo until you are over the ankle stuff. One thing at a time is better if possible. Yeah, when the animals start staring and you can't see what set them off, it is a bit scary. Had to over you staring at a traffic map of an area you/family don't travel on... I have been known to do something similar.

Trudy, meant to tell you what an awesome painting that is!!! I never did straw painting although I have used many mediums. Love the soft and beautiful effect you achieved. That staircase will be quite a challenge! A friend of mine has a lofted ceiling in her living room... she painted a family tree 15' tall on one wall and has photos of the whole family on it. Do take photos so we can see the progress.

Nancy, so glad to hear of your progress on recovery. Hope you don't have to have the other knee done for a long time in the future. Mom only had to have one of her knees done... hope you are the same.

Stacey what a scare that must have been for the kids in the school bus. I hate ice worse than snow anytime!!! Be careful if you have to go out.
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Old 02-07-2019, 08:46 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
Ozone's Official Praise Queen
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good morning - today is really the first day I am truly home alone. Boys are at work, Luther and doggie daycare and no therapy today. I have to do my own therapy today. She is back tomorrow. She discharged me yesterday so I called my rehab facility and my evaluation is set for Tuesday and then we will set up the appointments for rehab. My Devils play tonight but they play without Brian Boyle who was traded from the Devils to the Nashville Predators yesterday. So sad to lose him but so glad he is going to a great team that has a chance to go to the play offs and make a run at the Cup. We are playing the Islanders and they are doing well so it will have to be a well played game.

Chris your dogs are so funny. It always fun to see each dog's personality. I totally agree that being able to access your medical records is so necessary and I love that mine are too. Hope that the MRI gives hope that the surgery should not be too bad. Interesting you were staring at that map. Sounds like you need to take a break from winter.

Kay glad to hear the snow did not last. Glad you are getting rid of desk so you can exercise in your room. Best though is to have your fireplace back. I like Chris want to see what to caps looks like.

Trudy sorry the weather was too cold for the hike. Glad you have a back up of pool laps. Good luck with the staircase. Seems pretty daunting for me.

Rae you sound so busy. Bet Taz was happy back at daycare with his friends. Your 18 is cold.

Stacey that was terrible about the bus accident. So glad to hear that none were injured. How scary! Last year the same thing happened in NJ. A bus was hit and one child and teacher were killed. Now the law makers are demanding seatbelts and alarms if they are unbuckled.

Have a great day all!
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Old 02-07-2019, 09:39 AM
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Off The Hook
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Good morning, ladies. My busy week just got busier....what else is new . One of my clients splits the work 3 days for me and 2 days for the other typist. But she is not happy with that typist and has been sending me a few extras here and there. Yesterday, she asked if I would do an extra day and then found out that half a day was deleted or missing or something from the other girl so my client redid the transcriptions and sent them to me. So, looks like I'm super busy now til at least next Wed, trying to get it all done. Good thing I love my job I will still be sure to finish at a decent hour in the evening and take a few breaks to relax and maybe scrap a bit.

Today I'm comfy in thick soft tights and a warm soft sweater. I enjoyed watching the birds out the window this morning. They are loving the new birdseed mix I bought recently, it has more things in it so might start attracting different birds. The flickers finally noticed it (they usually eat the hanging suet) and have been making pigs of themselves this week, digging out all the bits they like from the mix. So far, I haven't seen many of our hummers coming but a few have. This cold snap is supposed to last at least a few more wks.

Today I'm not going out except to walk Taz. I have Italian sausages, sweet potato, cauliflower and salad for dinner tonight.

Chris - I agree, being able to get online for reports/reports is useful. D was able to get online last night and print out a form he needed for taxes whereas in the old days he would have to call them, wait days for them to get around to faxing it over and half the time they would send the wrong form. Now it's so easy. I laughed about J guarding the driveway. If it was anything other than another dog, Taz would be racing up the street to check it out. He always comes back but he's so fast that he races away before I can give the command to stay. Luckily we're on a cul-de-sac so there is not much traffic and everyone drives slow b/c they know there are lots of kids and dogs on our street.

Kay - a pajama day sounds like fun. I've been getting into my PJs after dinner lately, why not be comfy, no need to wait til bedtime

Nancy - enjoy the quiet time alone. So you have one more with your PT and then the next step is to go to out-patient rehab now?

Hope everyone is well. I'm getting another coffee and getting to work. Have a great day!
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Old 02-07-2019, 10:02 AM
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Morning ladies... another chilly morning but not quite as cold as yesterday. I had a busy day with taping and staining the lower section of my staircase. Man this a big job and so far I only have one coat of stain on the lower part. It is still tacky so will start to work on the upper part today. Need to meet up with my sister at my other sisters house this afternoon for a quick visit and to get eggs from her. We had better do it today, because we are expecting a snow storm for the next few days and I probably won't have a vehicle on Friday. Wonder if we will be able to get out for grocery shopping on the weekend?? Oh well I will let DH worry about that, I don't like driving in the snow and we have plenty of food for the next few days. I need to do a couple of things here at the O this morning before getting my painting clothes on again too. Anyway here is a pic of what I got accomplished yesterday. Green tape is still on for the next coat, so don't look at that .

Hope to hit the pool shortly and get my laps in before getting back at the staircase too, so I best get busy and get things done!

Chris - Your dogs are too funny!! Well I guess it's not funny to you when you are standing out in the cold waiting for them to come back in house . Love that you taught the little ones how to paint with straws, but ya I can see where you would have to watch the kids so they did not get dizzy!! Good luck with your sorting and donating of clothing! I hope that your mojo returns to you soon so that you can get scrapping again! I really need to do more myself! Yes probably a good idea to deal with one medical issue at a time. Hope you have a nice day!!

Kay - Nice to have a PJ day! I love those kind of days ! Glad to hear that you did not get much in the way of snow either. It will be good to have the desk gone and your bike set up where you want it! Thanks for the compliment on my painting I had so much fun doing it and even got to use a blow torch . Wow your friend is very ambitious painting a family tree that big, but I bet it looks amazing!!

Nancy - Enjoy your alone day today and hopefully you will be good to go to your rehab appts. Yes the staircase is going to be a huge job and I am really hoping that DH will give me a hand with it this weekend, the spindles will be the worst I think and there are so many of them . Sorry you lost one of your players to a trade yesterday, sure hope your Devils do well for the game tonight! We were sad to see the Bruins lose to the Rangers last night in a shoot out. I hate shoot outs!! Take care of yourself today Nancy and don't try to do more than you should!

Rae - Yikes sounds like you will be one busy woman for the next while, but like you say what else is new?? We are supposed to be hit hard with snow in our area starting tonight is it going to be the same for you? Or will you be lucky enough to be missed with this next weather system? Uggh on the cold spell lasting longer, but what can do, we can't control the weather. Your dinner for tonight sounds yummy!! How is your D's back doing? Hopefully he is feeling much better now! Will you be seeing B this weekend? Or will the bad weather keep you for being able to visit? Hope you get through your work in good time so that you can enjoy your evening!

Alright I need to hit the pool before 9:30 it gets busy around 10am so want to be in a lane before that happens. Have a great day everyone!
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