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Old 11-06-2019, 06:34 AM
faerywings's Avatar
faerywings faerywings is offline
The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 52,110
Default Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, November 5

hello, hello, hellO! A good mornin' to you all!
Soooo, I am in a good mood this morning. Mark it in history. I picked out the color of paint, started cutting in and I think it is going to be amazing when I am done. I am so happy!

It is funny because this is the one that I picked out from the website When I got to the store, it was the first one that I went to. I brought about 5 paint chip strips home and yup, still settled on this one.There was a second choice- almost identical- but Gary preferred it just because it's name was Full Moon.

I was a fiend yesterday. I paid a few bills, picked up groceries, went to the paint store twice, and then started taping off the rooms and cutting in the hallway. Gary wasn't feeling good and fell asleep on the sofa so I worked around him as best as I could but I will need to move the sofa today to get to the rest of the wall.
Then I made fettuccine Alfredo for dinner and enjoyed some wine and The Walking Dead. (In between I fielded phones calls from my mom and my brother and -well - ugh to that!)

Today I am going to keep working on the painting and then I am cleaning in the afternoon. It might just be a clean out the fridge for dinner tonight. Maybe some more wine too *wink*

At some point I really need to upload that second scrap page I made. I guess I can do that nest.


~~Chris~~ My Gallery

Old 11-06-2019, 06:47 AM
faerywings's Avatar
faerywings faerywings is offline
The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 52,110

I have no idea what the paint screenshot posted twice but I am not going to worry about that.
Trudy- What colors are you using for the new painting, the blues you have been using? It is going to be awesome! I can see what it would be hard to do an octopus but maybe an abstract one would be cool too. You are the one with the vision! Can't wait to see the koi

I know, it is so weird that the kids are going to be graduating. I don't want them to ever leave me. (Even though one day I must.)

Kay- So happy that you are feeling better and that you are scrapping a lot too. The new Black Beauty kit-- your page was amazing using it.
I am surprising myself at how much I am getting done. Even just a year ago, I was having days were I could go food shopping and then not be able to move afterward. It has been a long road.

Felis- yuck- that is terrible that you are struggling to get appts with your vet. I am very blessed that mine is so good. Cait's rat vet as well.
You enjoy every minute of being a crazy cat lady and don't worry about any snooty men.
Nancy liked a Tweet of mine the other day so I know that she is around. Hope to see her here soon.

Love to all!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

Old 11-06-2019, 09:36 AM
taxed4ever's Avatar
taxed4ever taxed4ever is offline
Crazy about the "O"

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 27,938

Good morning ladies... I should be getting ready for my hike, but I will not be going today. It is very far away and it is a very, very difficult one, out in the back country and not very good trails. Mount Bolduc where they go every November to visit the site of a WW2 plane crash and pay their respects to the 6 crew members who died there. It is quite the site to see, but a long way for me to go and I just can't justify the cost of the gas and the wear and tear on my vehicle to get up to the trail. I have four wheel drive but it is not a good road! Anyway so I will stay home and perhaps make a page about this hike. It is a beautiful day with lots of sunshine so I know those that do the hike will have a great day for it!

Chris - How nice to hear you are in such a good mood!! I love the colour that you have picked out, it will be amazing!! I love the name of the colour too! As for the colours I am using for my newest painting, they will be greens and blues like the others, however everytime I pour the background it turns out so differently no two ever look the same. I have a hard time imagining your kids ever really leaving you!! I bet they marry and live on the same street as you do now . Wish that could have happened for us Oh well it is what it is and they are happy, that is all that matters!! You really did have a very productive day yesterday, and you feel good today, so hooray for that! It must make you so happy to not feel so terribly tired anymore!

Kay - Glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you have been so busy scrapping! Hope that your scrapping mojo continues, please send some that my way!!

Felis - Oh never mind about your bad Vet!! He should mind his own business and be happy that you are the crazy cat lady and that you bring him lots of business!! Thanks for the nice comments on my turtle paintings! I am surprised that they continue to sell and yet the one in the gallery sits there with no one interested. I was very happy with the way my page turned out after removing my DIL Jackies godmother out of the picture, she was standing with the dog in between Jackie and Jason. Hope she won't be mad at me for taking her out of the shot .

Hey Nancy... Hope you are doing well and that your knee has healed well and you are busy planning your next trip! We miss you!!

Ok I will get my morning chores done and then into the shower and get busy painting, have a great Wednesday everyone!
<My Gallery>

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Old 11-06-2019, 12:48 PM
nancyr nancyr is offline
Ozone's Official Praise Queen
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 24,566

good day - I think I am human again. I got sick and it has taken me forever to fill like doing anything. And I am taking it very slowly. Not totally sure what it was but it had nothing to do with the knee which is the only positive. My Devils are coming out of their funk as I am getting better. I have watched some hockey but not much I have been sleeping a lot.

Have a great day all.

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