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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 06-20-2019, 06:08 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
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Default Daily Ooo's: Thursday, June 20

Blergh. Another chilly, rainy, and dark day. This is such a drag. One thing that I dislike the most about when it is chilly but humid is that you feel hot and cold at the same time. In the house, I was sweaty, put on capris and a t, got cold, threw on a long sleeve t- got too hot. Driving in the car, I would turn the fan on, get cold, turn it off, then get stuffy, back on, then cold. iy-yi-yi.

It felt like a really long day yesterday. I was able to get a couple of things for my brother and Arlene at TJ MAXX, they had a lot of stuff on Clearance which was nice. The PT Eval was fine. The guy seemed a bit shocked at how weak I am. I have to start building strength in my hips, which will help my knee and ankle stay stable. But that means that my knee pain isn't from Lyme. Whew!!!!! PT will be twice a week for up to 8 weeks. But there is a catch. (There is *always* a catch. ) It isn't really a catch but more BS with the health insurance. I have to call there *again* to find out if I need an "insurance referral." I was told by the ins co that I needed a referral from my GP. I got that but according to the PT Office, it isn't the right kind of referral. My ins co. website says that I need a GP referral for the Eval and Prior Authorization to continue PT. The PT office is telling me that is incorrect. So which is it?? Who the heck knows.
So that is my morning plan. On the phone trying to not lose it on the poor customer service people. What fun.

I have to clean in the afternoon and figure out what to do about dinner. More fun. heh!! It is all good.


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Old 06-20-2019, 06:39 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 49,210

Trudy- sorry that you weren't able to go on your hikes, but it seems like it was a smart decision. I was hoping to do the yoga walk this morning since the Summer Wellness program started yesterday. But the grass is going to be soaked even if it isn't raining. Maybe next week it will work out. I really wish I could send you some rain, everything here is so soggy. Do you have any rain in your forecast?Hope that you aren't grumpy anymore, and yes, more is always good. (I miss the smilies toooo!)
*fingers crossed for no-bubble resin*
I think a big part of my trouble with searching in the shop is that I get an idea in my head of what I am looking for and have a hard time accepting a different kit's color or style if I can't find *exactly* what I want.
How was Mason's fun day at school?

Jean- are you taking photos of the collage in progress? I am jealous of your nice weather but maybe I will see some sun soon. I think it is supposed to be nice here on Saturday.
Did you have a yummy dinner? It is always nice to go somewhere special.

Kay- I am happy that you are feeling better! OTOH, I am jealous of your creativity It is nice to be able to have fresh air for a little while before it gets too hot.

ae- I am so glad that Bailey is in a good place and that she will be there for a while. She needs that stability and you and Jen do too. The pages you have been scrapping of her all look very happy.
Yeah, I do eat dairy and have looked into anti-inflammatory diets before. But between financial issues and other food/diet issues, it isn't something that I can cut out.
I miss hearing Taz stories, give him a belly rub from me.

Felis- nice to see you back!! I am glad that you got some extra hours and some extra money from work, but I am not happy that you were feeling destructive. I am hoping that has passed by now. It sounds like you say that you are happier and I hope that you can focus on that even when you don't feel content. Gary and I both feel that way, however, when we compare ourselves to other people and to where we thought we would be at this point in our lives. This sure isn't the life we expected.
Thanks for the compliment on my cow page too.


~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 06-20-2019, 10:34 AM
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Ozone's Official Praise Mama
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After two pretty nice days, it really rained in the night so everything is soggy again. Good thing DH cut the grass yesterday even though it was his birthday. We had yummy steak dinners and nice long talk on the phone with his brother. My class is this afternoon so that should be interesting.

Chris, I want to say I can't believe the nonsense over authorizing the PT, but it is just more of the same, so totally believable. That they identified an overall need for therapy is actually good in the long run as that means you can truly improve. Should make life easier too. Once you get the darn ins. stuff done. Don't work too hard cleaning.

Felis, sorry to hear of your feeling down even when you admit to being happier now. And the extra work does pay and makes the person handing it out happier with you too. Both good things despite the heat. I'm so glad we haven't had any really hot weather yet as we don't have A/C in the first place. But Chris is right that the muggy weather makes me uncomfortable too.

Rae, so glad you stopped by and let us know how well things are going for the most part. Being happier with less stress is the way to go.

Kay, way to go with feeling better and creative too. Nice that you can cool the house in the morning.

Have you seen the new challenge from Joanne Brisebois? I love her challenges and this one looks quite different and fun (and no, I'm not on her CT ).

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Old 06-20-2019, 11:10 AM
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Good morning everyone! WE GOT RAIN!!! It rained really hard here for a couple of hours late in the day and was it ever nice to see and smell!! So today everything looks a bit more alive. It is patchy blue skies this morning, but apparently we are forecasted to get more rain next week. Keeping our fingers crossed for that and then the weather can be sunny for the rest of July we really would love to be able to have a fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows with the kids and grandkids while they are here. It is the one thing that they have all requested during their stay. Oh my resin job turned out perfect this time!! Hooray I can finally get the hardware put on the large painting and do a few touch ups on the wood and then get this baby sold!! Photos to follow soon I promise! I need to get to the gallery today and pick up my cheque for my sales there and I really should go and see if any of my paintings have sold at the coffee shop. Not sure how long I should keep them there. Guess it is good advertising for me, but not expecting any sales from it.

Chris - that's too bad that you are unable to do the yoga walk, hopefully the sun will come and dry all that soggy grass up for you! Thanks for sending the rain out our way yesterday!! It sure makes everything look and smell so fresh again! I am trying to send you some more of our sunshine, it is sunny again here but it is a lot cooler after our big rain yesterday! Uggh another long and frustrating conversation with the insurance people, I don't envy you one bit!! So happy to hear that your pain is not lyme related, that must be a big relief to you!! Hope your cleaning goes well this afternoon!

Jean - Not too often that you beat me in here to post, however I have been facetiming with Heather and Hunter for the past 45 mins . He is so cute, we listened to Teddy Bear's picnic by Anne Murray and he loves it!! He dances and spins around and then when it is over he holds up his one finger to play it one more time!! Makes my grandma heart melt!! Sorry to hear that the rain is back with you, but at least you got the grass cut and had a lovely steak dinner!! I love steak!! Have fun with Joanne's new challenge, I will have to check that one out!

Felis - Sure hope that all the extra work pays off for you, I am sure your boss will be most pleased that she could count on you!! Hope that you are feeling happier now, you should count yourself blessed that you are living a good life and are happy doing what you are doing. Most of us do not lead the life that we expected, but as long as you have a roof over your head and you are not hungry and are surrounded by those who love you that is all that matters

Rae - How nice to see your pretty smiling facing again! I am so glad that you are feeling more relaxed and are able to enjoy your scrapping! You certainly have been very busy with it!! Loving all your beautiful pages!! So nice to hear that things are more settled for Bailey also, it has been a long ride for your whole family and hopefully things will continue to be better for you all! She really does look so happy in the photos that you have shown us!

Ok its time to hit the pool and get in my laps, there is a big swimming event happening this weekend so the lap pool will be chilly I am sure as they prepare the water for the meet. Uggh!! Oh well it makes me swim harder just to keep warm . Have a great day everyone! Thanks again for the rain!!
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Old 06-20-2019, 11:29 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
Ozone's Official Praise Queen
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good late morning - I have been having two busy days. Yesterday my DH and I were at his eye surgery. We left at 11am and did not get home until 4pm. I was starving and he was starving. He had been dreaming of fried chicken but they said he could not as it would make him nauseous and they did not want him vomiting bad for the eye. The eye doctor was awesome and explained that my DH just had some scar tissue that needed to be removed but nothing to do with the retina so all that was good news. Then I left him home with my son while I went out to dinner with my girlfriend. Really good food. Came home and watched the NHL awards show. My favorite was the Masterton award which is for perseverance. It was given to the goalies from the NY Islanders who has admitted he has mental problems which led to becoming an alcoholic. He last words in his thank you speech "I am not ashamed to admit I have a mental illness but that does not mean mental weakness." It is so good for people to admit and get help and people see it is an illness not a weakness. Today it was up at 5:30 am to get my DH to the doctor by 7pm. It is a 30 min drive but it is through pretty cities not on major highways so that I like a lot. Again the doctor was awesome but I think he is used to really old people and kept repeating the instructions. I don't think I am that senile yet . So this afternoon I am not busy. Maybe will have time to scrap and may take a nap.

Chris this weather sucks. I got Luther out after we got home from doctor and it is like walking through mist and it is so foggy! Driving was slow. Hope you do not have trouble getting to your doctors appt. As far as your mother and her orthopedist. It really is a matter of how much pain and lack of not doing what you want that pushed me to get my knee done. If she is in so much pain and cant do stuff and the other stuff does not work well maybe new knee is the way to go. Good luck with helping her.

Trudy sorry about the painting and the resin bubbles. How nice of your brother! Saw yesterday that the head coach of the Bruins has to have his knee replaced and has a 12 to 16 week rehab. I thought I was so far behind when I was not 100% at 6 weeks and now to see this makes me feel much better. Glad your second try and the bubbles are gone. Congrats on the rain. They are getting so much in South Jersey that cities are flooding. Really wish we could send you more!

Kay thanks so much for the book info. I have heard others who like Nora Roberts. The other I do not know but I will look at her books. It is nice to have windows open and smell the fresh air. Saw New Mexico on the NBC news yesterday about a small town that is having to come to the rescue of immigrants. Pretty impressive of your state to put aside politics to just help people!

Jean happy belated birthday to your DH. Steak dinner sounds yummy! Have fun on the new collage. Really cool you found a new thread for your DH's side of the family!

Felis I have to echo what others have said - you cannot compare yourself to others. You can only do your best! And it sounds like you are! Congrats on the extra work!

Rae sound good to see you pop in! So glad that you have gotten yourself a perfect schedule. Glad that B is doing well and is stable for many months! Love the pages I see on Instagram! Taz is the cutest!

Have a great day all!
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Old 06-20-2019, 12:57 PM
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Occasionally logs off
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Well, here it is almost noon and I am finally getting around to popping in here. Been scrapping and think I finally got caught up on uploading LOs that were released this week. Some weeks I don't have any then others weeks every designer I work with releases things. The 3rd week of the month is usually the heaviest week. Good thing that the creative muse was in full swing.
Decided as I watched the scales creeping up that I needed to do some light exercise to get it heading back down. It is only up 4 lbs... but need to stop and reverse that trend. Been on the Exercycle the past 2 days. Starting out real slow as the bad knee isn't happy with it. Trying to add 1-2 minutes more each time. I have been doing in the late afternoon before I have supper. Should get to the point that I can read while I cycle.
Got a call from a dear friend to let me know that her ex-husband passed away this past weekend. We were all in Cub Scouts troop together when the kids were young. We were a tight group and did a lot together. He was 3 years younger than me.

Trudy, so glad to hear you finally got some rain. Hope you get more so things aren't so dry there. We have been in a drought state for 10 years.. and we are finally out of the drought. Understand how trying it is to live with water restrictions. Everyone here has gotten used to the restrictions.. just hope they all continue to conserve water now that it has eased.
So happy that the 2nd resin coat went on just fine. Glad that one is done and you have sold some others.

Rae, was so happy to see you dropping in to say HI. You have been missed. Glad to hear that B is doing okay and seems to be settled in place for awhile. Hope she can stay there when it is time to reassess how she is doing.

Jean, glad your hubby had a good birthday... even though he ended up cutting the grass.

Felis, glad you are getting more work and more money due to that. I found that people are better off not comparing themselves to others... creates stress on both sides. You have some very good things with your life and family support.

Nancy.... Dee Henderson is a wonderful writer... and her books have a Christian basis. They have strong moral values but aren't "preachy". I found them at the library and now have them in my collection. I go back and re-read them several times a year. Always feel better when I do. If possible, I would start with "Dangerous Shadows" as it is a pre-cursor to the O'Malley series.
So glad your DH's retina was not detached - just needed some scar tissue removed. Sorry he couldn't have some fried chicken afterwards. Sounds like you had a nice dinner out with friends.

Chris, sorry your body is doing the too cold... too hot... and back again. I had that a couple weeks ago and it is the pits!! So glad you got a good PT report... just sorry for the run-around on getting insurance/referral paperwork done... again!

Time to fix something for lunch.
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Old 06-20-2019, 09:38 PM
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O is my home!
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Good morning, girls!
Thank you so much for your support and kindly words. I know I'm complaining always for the same, but it's nice to have support. Oh yes, it was what it was, I'm come back after I'm better. And what you said I'm blessed to have my family, that is true!
Please be honest with me and tells me, when my posts are too long or if I'm doing something wrong. I want to be nice interlocutor! My sister murmoring me that my sentences are way too long. I have to work on short and more exact utterance, but in my language to be descriptive and with metaphors and references is my usual style. Other point is that in conversation here is usual to answer with your experience and examples related to the subject of conversation, so often I sounds a little bit selfish/self-occupied.
...Busy and boring day. The only thing was that I almost finished to watch WWII related british detective TV series "Foyle's War ". It was interesting to watch, but also difficult and painful as we was on the wrong side at that war, before to open our eyes for the true character of our allies. So the bad guys, the enemy which they hate so much and attacked was actually us. It's frightening that there are only passed 75 years from the desante at Normandy. And still on so many places have other wars. As humanity never learns the lessons of the history.
I think I needs some more frivolous TV series for the summer, and also hope soon to be able to buy these audiobooks I want! No time for read or scrap, unfortunately!

Chris, I knew your knee are overwhelmed! Hope you can fix all with the paper side and can use full potential of that PT session! Great about your successful finding of gifts! Hope your cleaning goes well this afternoon!

Kay, so sorry for the sad news, my condolence! Life is unpredictable. But sure help to care better for our bodies! I must start some exercises too. Sounds fun to have your own exercycle! My sister was trying to use these fitness appliances in the park, but they are near to coffee and too many people watching, very embarrassing and similar with the fitness where always have men.

Nancy, such a relief that surgery was easier one and with kind doctors! I think he is just trying to be more clear and precise with this double repeat off all instruction. I had this very ugly habit to repeat every story twice, adding more details the second time. Aww the goalie's speech sounds inspiring, indeed! I don't think celebrities is necessary or fair to be treated as a role model, because they are humans after all, and have right to act naturally and do and say whatever they really feels not what the society requires! But as a fangirl I also admit that they could be very inspiring!

Trudy, great that on second try the bubbles are gone. Yey for the rain! I don't know about the coffee shop, but these days Etsy is just awful! I want so much it finally to start work for you, after the whole time you spend there! Oh this story for dancing Hunter is so cute!

Jean, our weather is similar to your, pretty nice days, and then it really rained in the night, but this was actually relief, because I really hate muggy, sweating weather! Would be great to live somewhere where is always autumn. Oh yes I'm big fan of Joanne too and have idea for this, but yet no time.
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