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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 05-16-2018, 06:14 AM
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Default Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, May 16

What a day! Most of it was good and what wasn't "good" was just darn lucky.
It started off with food shopping chaos. They were moving the frozen foods to the new section as I was shopping. The frozen aisle was mostly intact when I got started but by the time I was almost done, it was all gone and I had to go all of the way to the opposite side of the store. People were all over the place too, looking as lost as I was. But the good part was that my LLMD Rxd a non-addictive anti-anxiety med. It doesn't make me drowsy or out of it at all but keeps my anxiety/irritability in check- especially good on Tindamax days like yesterday was.

As I was unpacking the groceries, Gary said that he was going to take the dogs outside. I hear a cracking sound, look out of the window thinking it was a bear, and see a ginormous tree limb falling by the side of the house. We have about 5 feet of lawn between the house and the woods. Somehow this branch fell straight down and into the safe zone. A foot over to the right and it would have gone right onto the roof.

BRB- dogs need to go potty
What a strange dog- I have had W out twice so far and all she wants to do is sniff the air.

So the limb fell, missed the house and my azalea bush that is blooming the best I have seen in years. I had been thinking just a couple of hours earlier that I want to take pics of W in front of is b/c the color of the blooms is the same as her collar. after lunch, I planted the impatiens and cleaned the dirt and decomposing leaves from the patio. It needs a lot of work. I want to get it cleaned up before the June party. Since it gets noisy and overwhelming in my little house I want to put a small table and chairs out there and maybe it won't get too bad. It is a mess and I need to borrow my dad's power washer before then.
By the time I was done, I was literally covered in mud. My arms/legs/neck- smeared with it. And I felt great!
The storms came in around dinnertime and I was thanking all of the gods that the limb fell when it did because the wind was so bad it surely would not have dropped straight down. Brendan couldn't get home from our house b/c so many trees were down along the roads. Just got off of the phone with my brother- my parents NJ house has no phone/internet/cable. PA house has no power so my dad is going there to see what is up. My ILs had a maple tree come down in their yard and took out the power lines, but no damage to the house. Whew!

I am off to clean in a bit so let me wish you all a wonderful day!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 05-16-2018, 06:45 AM
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 46,742

Nancy- hope that the storms didn't do any damage to your town/house at all. Was Luther OK with the thunder? I had all 3 dogs freaked out a bit initially then W and J settled down but poor Ray hates thunder.

Gonna try to see if W will pee... BRB (again!!!) Still nothing!

Back to Nancy- Great news about the Knight- sorry that the US lost. Have fun today with Luther and whatever else you have planned.

Trudy- 100% about only wanting the kids to be happy. Thank goodness for technology and texting. My kids are always horrified when I tell then about only being able to call within certain area codes or phone charges would apply. Or when I was in college and only had access to a pay phone to call my parents I think the kids will stay close, neither of them has that wandering spirit. But never say never.

I researched a bit about dahlia tubers, figured out where to plant them and then when I took it out of the container-- it was all fibrous roots. Turns out the species is an annual. Guess that settles the issues of digging them up. I am sad that you had to hear those things from Heather. Mother's hearts are strong. They have to be even under normal circumstances. Excellent advice/support for Rae too. I am sooooo glad that we have each other here.

Felis- any news about Macho? I thought of you yesterday morning right after I posted here. I was scooping the dog poop and Isaw a tiny cat trying to drink water out of my little garden pond. She was a little calico, had a collar on but no tags. I found a small dish and filled it with water so she could drink more easily. We took a picture and posted it on our local lost pets Facebook page. She was small and dirty and I hadn't seen her around before. So far, no one has said that she is lost so I hope she found her way back home. I was also hoping that it was a sign that Macho would come back to you soon.
I am sorry that your friends said "another cat story." pets are our family and of course you are worried.

Here in the US, it seems to be part of the culture that you have to "brag." Like-- If your story is bad/sad/funny, then mine is 1000000 times more so. I wanted to let Rae know that I was acknowledging her pain as distinct and not that I was trying to outdo hers/ Does that make sense? Not everyone does that and it is easier to see it when spoken in real life. It is harder to convey sincerity online.

Yeah, I adore Leah and want the kids to get engaged already. hahah!!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their day!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 05-16-2018, 10:42 AM
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Hi Ladies... I have to just do a very quick post as I am late getting going and need to leave right away for my hike. So I will just say to everyone and hope you have a fabulous day! I gotta go
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Old 05-16-2018, 10:57 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
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good late morning - my DH is home today grading finals as when he is at the University he is constantly interrupted by students. Tomorrow is graduation so he has to go in that day for sure. So we go up and took Luther out for a long walk and did some birdwatching. It is a cloudy and drizzly but some of the birds don't care. Goldfinches and chipping sparrows were new for this walk but also saw the Baltimore oriole, cat birds, blue jays, swallows, cardinals, robins and red-winged blackbirds. It was awesome even if the weather was not the best. Luther was so happy! A long walk and now he is out lol! No hockey during the day today so I am catching up on Riverdale. I really like this show. Looks like both of the hockey conference finals will be long. No bad! Today is my out to Panera's dinner. Last night's dinner was basically Chinese take out - stir fried chicken in a spicy sauce with pea pods and jasmine rice. It is fun to prepare my own take out. so tasty!

Chris that storm last night was impressive - we got up to 92 degrees and so when the cold came it was an storm! We had gusts and torrential rain and of course thunder and lightning. It came just as I was preparing dinner. Luther likes to be outside while I cook but I could not let him and he was one upset dog. But the thunder does not seem to bother him at all luckily! We had several trees down in my town and road closures and some power outages but not many. The trees fell into the street and not on houses so that is the good thing. That is amazing that Brendan could not get home. Glad you had fun in the dirt! Sounds like the store will be organized soon!

Trudy is today is hike day? If so have fun. You got hot but we got hotter !

Felis so hope you kitty comes home soon! I loved the way your mind thought about going into the mountains and living as a mountain woman. That is terrible about the robbery though. Glad he saved his sheep!

Jean and Rae waving hi!
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Old 05-16-2018, 12:39 PM
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Off The Hook
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Just another day at the zoo here. It's briefly dry enough that DH is out cutting the grass.

Felis, I think I can imagine the appeal of living in the wild like that but it would be quite a challenge even if it were safe. Where I grew up my parents had part of the land in fruits and vegetables and part in flowers. They spent so much time with the garden that I never want to spend time in gardening. I'd much rather look at birds. Hoping Macho is home, but sadly, Trudy may be right about him. Sending

Chris, that was quite a day yesterday. Great that the limb chose its time and place well. Would love to see you covered in mud! Did you get pix of W and the azalea? Hard to understand you mothers who want their kids close by as my mother is the one who moved across the country when she retired. In the end I think it was a mistake, but it was what she wanted.

Nancy, glad you avoided damage from the storm. Why doesn't Luther want to be around while you cook? Poor pup. Dinner sounds wonderful too. Uh oh, sounds like hockey deprivation is on the horizon. I hate seeing the end of baseball and don't watch nearly as much of it as you do hockey, so can only imagine. Nice you're seeing lots of birds while walking Luther.

Trudy, bet your hike will be another wonderful day in your beautiful part of the world.

Rae to you.

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Old 05-17-2018, 12:25 AM
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O is my home!
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Hello girls,
nothing new about my kitty, but I still hope that someone is locked him at some basement tried to force him to hunt and at some moment will realize that this cat is too old and too lazy to do that. I asked in bigger round, but nothing.
And I also have a story about tree. This morning mom told us that they are cut the linden tree on a playground near to us. This makes me so upset. Under this tree I meet Biggie in one rainy day before two years. Under this tree was born two of the kitties which I'm got. And from many years this tree was home of one The little owl (Athene noctua) family. I wanted to make some kind of protest, but mom explain me that the deputy mayor is there with a petition of people who want this tree to be removed because many homeless cats give birth there. The official version, of course, is that the roots of the tree are damaged the nearest garages floors. The truth is that people once again want to destroy one of the small wild pieces left in the town. This tree will miss me and on the owls too! Also mom makes me note that if we make the mayor angry because of one tree, after that they can make us problems to buy woods for the fireplace and will have to delivery them from the capital. She is right, it's another point of hypocrisy at my lifestyle, because we still use fireplace. I really need to clear many points of my ideals.
At least this time it was very nice conversation between me and mom. And she try to comforting me as reminds me that she is trying to plant new tree at our yard, from few quercus seeds which she brought it after one dog walk before few week.

WOW, so good that this tree is not hit your house, Chris! Did Gary and Scott are able to cut it and remove it alone or it's too big and you'll need to pay on someone to help for that? I think that the idea for garden party is great, I love them! I hope that this little calico kitty is back home now! They are very good in find way back, even the small one. If you learn him that it is welcome and he lives some around can start comes regularly , I have 2 who visit mine regularly. I'll keep you in my mind today, because Floyd's vet visit! I'm not absolutely sure for what to hope for, but at least you will be close to some decision. Stay strong!

Trudy, I'm hope you had good weather for your hike and it was fun!

Nancy, oh Luther is so adorable! He act like mine little dog, but is with size of the big. I can't imagine Biggie inside our little kitchen, he will take the half floor. Your list during the birdwatching sounds impressive and much fun!

Jean, so your husband was out to cutting the grass, till you was watching him approvingly?! So sweet pic! Is it have prepared tea or lemonade for him? I have to mow today too if is not start to rain again.

Rae, .
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