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Old 09-20-2019, 04:56 AM
faerywings's Avatar
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
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Default Daily Ooo's: Friday, September 20


It is "Happy Day of Regret" here. Tomorrow is Caitlyn's birthday and the Day of Regret bit came about years ago when I told her the story of how I changed my mind the day before she was born. I was being induced the next day, my ILs had just picked Scott up and it was just Gary, me, and my ginormous belly. I went into full-panic mode. OMG, what was I thinking, I can't have another kid, what if I don't love him/her as much as Scott. I sat down and said, Nope- not doing this. (As if I had any say in the matter at that point. )
After telling her this, Caitlyn started busting me that I regretted having her. Since then, the day before her b-day is the Day of Regret.

Poor kid is getting sick and she has had awesome plans for her b-day tomorrow. She and Brendan are going into NYC for dinner at the Tim Burton restaurant and then staying at some smart-tech hotel near Times Square. She is taking elderberry syrup and neti-potting her nose like crazy. Scott and Leah are at a music festival until Sunday so Gary and I have tomorrow night to ourselves.

Yesterday I cleaned my friend's very dusty, very linty laundry room and came home with my lungs filled with gallons of dust. (That sentence is inaccurate in more ways than I can count! hehe!!!) Today I am cleaning a bit more here. My life is so darn exciting, I can't *stand* it! My ILs are popping in at some point. They were in Canada and brought back insulin for MIL and for Gary. $30 a bottle compared to $300 here. So messed up.

That is about it! have a fab day!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

Old 09-20-2019, 05:36 AM
faerywings's Avatar
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The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 52,110

Kay- good for you to get a good night's sleep. Bet those breezes felt good to you-- we went down to 41* yesterday morning and it was *cold* when I took the dogs out at 6 am. But we should be warming up soon.
I hope that the Life after Loss group is helpful to you. I am sure that being around people who understand how you feel will be a comfort.

Nancy- go Devils!
Oh my goodness, that must have been a heart-stopping time when you thought you dropped your phone at the airport! What a relief when you found it. Sometimes tech can be an amazing thing.
We recently had the discussion at the dinner table about all of the history never taught. This past discussion focused on Black Wall Street, the bombing of Philly (in 1985 no less!), Tuskegee experiments, segregation of hospitals.
I haven't watched The Crown although I have heard that the 11th Doctor Who is very good in it

Trudy- yay for Hunter!! What a good kid he is!!
Sorry that your hike was cloudy but at least you were in the fresh air. And to end your day enjoying your deck with some wine-- sounds wonderful. *happy sigh*
What are Copic markers?
I think I might add some autumn scents to the pumpkins when I stuff them, make them a bit more "special?" I think they are just going to get shoved somewhere, I mean who really wants a crocheted pumpkin? Whatever! It is what it is, right?

Anyway- hope you are all enjoying your day.

PS: Check out some of the photos of the Climate Strikes around the world!! They are incredible. Kids these days. They make me hopeful!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

Old 09-20-2019, 10:02 AM
taxed4ever's Avatar
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Crazy about the "O"

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 27,938

Morning ladies... it is a cloudy day here today, very fall like I really wanted summer to stick around for a bit longer, but I guess I have no say in the matter. Guess what?? The painting that is getting picked up tomorrow is still wet!!!!! Yikes I have to get it varnished and put the hanging hardware on it. So I guess I will be taking the hairdryer to it or putting fans on it all day today. I am going into panic mode here!!! I am still working on my scrapbook page too, I just can't seem to find the right products to use on it. Oh well it will get done today sometime while I wait for the paint to dry! Yesterday was one of those days where I flitted from one thing to another and still feel like I got nothing accomplished. ( I think you can relate Chris!!) . So today I need to buckle down and get things finished!! The weekend will be here tomorrow and you know that means I will be busy getting groceries and doing housework and running errands with my MG! Then company for supper, so we can all have a visit with Bonnie (cousin buying the painting) . She will spend the night and then head back on the early ferry in the morning.

Chris - on your day of regret, I think we Mothers all go through that with our second child, the memories of the first come rushing back to us and we wonder what the heck were we thinking having another?? Happy Birthday to Cait!! I hope she feels better for her lovely birthday outing! Oh and BTW, I would love to have some crocheted pumpkins!! Especially if they had some Autumn scents added to them!! Oh and Copic Markers are awesome and colour so beautifully, but so very expensive at least here in Canada they are! I doubt that I will ever have the full set of them. https://copic.jp/en/about/

I hope that you and your Gary get to enjoy a lovely quiet evening together, hopefully you can curl up on the couch and watch a great movie together, perhaps some popcorn will be in order too!

Ok off to the shower and then I have to get the bathroom ready downstairs for our company, a bit of vacuuming too I guess. Have a great Friday everyone!
<My Gallery>

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Old 09-20-2019, 10:04 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
Ozone's Official Praise Queen
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 24,566

good morning - it is hockey night for me. So excited it is again Devils vs Rangers. It is fun. My DH took in all in stuff and will not have a backpack as they are not allowed. I sent in a message to my rep and she will forward to the appropriate people - at least I hope so. I guess what irks me the most is they put the onus on us fans to make the change and then if we cant they charge us for using their lockers. OH well I have done what I can. I finished the Crown last night and now waiting for the new season with starts in Nov sometime. They have cast as the new Prince Philip Tobias Menzies. He was in Outlander and a really cruel character so I hope I don't see him that way. Had a nice talk with my sister this morning. She is enjoy that her high for the day with only be 97. I am cold. My DH lets the cold air in over night and I am cold.

Chris that is a cute story about Cait and her day of regret! Sure hope she feels better and that it is only a bad case of allergies. Her celebrations sounds really fun! Enjoy the nice weather today!

Trudy glad you had a nice hike. So glad to hear Hunter is happy at preschool. And yes the Crown is fascinating. I had no idea some of the back stories and love at the end of episodes it shows more of the story. It was so interesting to see the story between the Queen and Jackie Kennedy. And from what I understand it starts again in Nov.

Kay how wonderful to find the correct support group. I can only imagine how helpful it must be. Hope you got your crisps made!

Have a great day all!

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