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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 02-24-2020, 05:09 AM
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faerywings faerywings is online now
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Default Daily Ooo's: Monday, February 24

just wow-- I am shocked that this is the last week of February! It has been really nice not having to deal with snow. I hope that it doesn't cause too many issues later on with water levels but I am happy that I haven't had to worry about traveling on bad roads or shoveling.

My mom talked for over 2 hours with Caitlyn- she taped the whole thing. I was really happy to sit back and listen and ask a few of my own questions as well. She had some really funny stories from her HS days. Cait asked how her parents met and she had no idea. She is going to ask my aunt next time they talk. I would love to hear it. Italian immigrant families tended to stick together back then, My grandfather was one of 7 and my grandmother one of 4 sisters. My grandfather apparently dated one of my grandma's sisters before her and that sister ended up marrying my grandpa's brother. So confusing!
One thing that stood out for me was when Cait was asking about when my grandma passed away. It was 2 months before my wedding, a few weeks before my shower. We thought that she was going to make it to the wedding. As you can tell, my family is super close and my mom had the same kind of relationship with her mom that I have with her. Caitlyn has the same relationships with me and my mom- it all flows up and down.
Anyway, the day of my grandma's funeral we got back the house and a blizzard was just beginning. Gary wanted to pick me up and bring him back to his house and I wanted to be with him. My mom wanted me to stay home and at that time, I thought that it was because of the snow, not wanting me on the roads. Looking back, I bet that was part of it, but I think a bigger part of it was needing her kids around her. I was so wrapped up in my pain that it never occurred to me that *she* needed me.
One thing that my mom also talked about was from the question- "what is something you wish you could tell your parents now?"-- She answered that she wishes she could tell them how much she appreciated them, that it wasn't until she had her kids grow up that she realized how hard it is to balance it all. I felt that. It wasn't the time for me to butt in but it is something I am going to say back to her. She needs to know and I want her to know now. Not when it is too late.

Another interesting tidbit is that my grandfather's dad and one brother lied about their ages to come to America. My great-grandfather came here when he was 15 and his parents and one of his brothers stayed back in Italy. She is not aware of what happened to them other than they never made it to the US. The story goes that my G-Grandfather and his brother came on a banana boat with $2 to their name. I don' know if anyone has the actual documentation or how they would even get it if they lied on their papers? Pretty neat stuff.

Today I *have* to clean my house it is so darn dusty down here. And I have to do the dreaded food shopping/menu preparations. I hope the weather is nice wherever you are, I will be enjoying the spring-like temps here today!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 02-24-2020, 05:28 AM
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faerywings faerywings is online now
The Loopy-O

Ozone's One In A MilliOn
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 50,178

Jean- I hope that the bird club membership soars! (see what I did there )
Enjoy the weather while we have it and I hope that you see lots more hawks.

Kay- the cold and rainy weather sure gets into your bones, doesn't it? I hope you warmed up a bit and are feeling all better by today.
I will be thinking of you today, sending strength your way.
Have you tried Google Sheets? I have used that since I don't have Excel. I *think* that it can be exported as Excel data too.

Felis- Is it a religious day or a family day to remember loved ones? Sending you hugs too with hopes that you aren't as blue today. The decorations you shared are so very pretty!
That is thoughtful of you - to not vacuum too much even though I imagine that makes it a lot harder to clean all of that fur.

Nancy- It is always the best days for you when they are filled with hockey from start to finish
You had a perfect day to take a long walk with Luther. The skies were so clear and blue.
I was wandering around the yard a bit while I was waiting for the dogs to go potty and felt like I should be checking the gardens and to remove the leaves but it is still too early! Huhn- never thought of that with Scott and his color blindness, makes me wonder if he has any issues on his phone. I will tell him to contact the developers if he ever does. Smart idea!

love to everyone!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 02-24-2020, 09:11 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
Ozone's Official Praise Queen
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good morning - well today is trade deadline day for the NHL. My NHL channel carries the SportsNet feed from Canada and it is so fun to watch. I love all the background stories. It must be so hard though to be the players who have their lives thrown into a new mixes. Cant be easy for those leaving and for those staying. This year there are actually trades going on in the morning. Some years there has been nothing until noon. My son and I decided to wait until tonight to watch episode 2 of Outlander as he needed to watch Walking Dead. Another beautiful day here so I will need to get Luther out.

Chris that is so awesome to have gotten all those stories from your Mom - you all are so close that is fantastic! Makes me wish I could have been closer with my Mom. And I too am totally surprised it is the last week of Feb already. This month is going by so fast and I feel like spring is coming too early!

Waving to all!
Have a great day!
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Old 02-24-2020, 09:53 AM
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Off The Hook
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Good morning ladies. The wkend flew by. We spent yesterday with B and then came home for a light dinner and TV (watched the new TWD bonus, new show and TD talk show). I thought I might be coming down with a bug, I felt tired and cold, achy and shivering and foggy headed all night. I think it was a reaction to the lunch I had. We brought over McD's to B so I splurged and got poutine and a burger. I think it was too many carbs and it wasn't GF. Today I feel fine. So, I have to be careful, a few bites here and there seem to be ok but a meal that has gluten or too many carbs just makes me feel yucky. Lesson learned. Time to focus and stay on track with my eating.

Today is lots of desk work like usual for a Monday. Never made it to the pet store for supplies so will take Taz over at lunch time. I need to get my CT stuff done.

Chris - it's so exciting about the upcoming cruise and glad to hear the dress fits. Hearing about your relatives is so interesting.

Nancy - we watched TWD too and am excited about another limited series they have made that starts up in March. Both of us are TWD fans, so last night was 3 hrs of fun.

I'd better get to work. Hope you all have a great day!
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Old 02-24-2020, 10:18 AM
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Morning ladies... Wow yesterday really did fly by and I never got here at all. I did not even start my computer up. DH was busy finally getting the pocket door fixed. After opening up the wall and getting the darn door out and off the rollers, we finally saw what the problem was. The rail that it runs on was all bent in three different places! So off to Home Depot again to pick up a new one. Here he figured all along that there was something wrong with the rollers. Oh well at least it will be an inexpensive fix. So he is finishing off putting the door back in and then will have to repair the wall and paint all the trim so it looks like new again. I spent all day cleaning and doing then spent a couple of hours on my painting. It is coming along nicely and after three failed attempts I finally got the sunset done, it looks pretty!! Now onto the water, cross your fingers for me! I am taking a break from painting today as I really want and need to get a layout done here today! Tomorrow will be swimming and DH might come along with me and spend some time in the steam room or sauna.

Chris - Wow such interesting stories!! I hope that you get document these on your family tree!! So fun that your Mom and Cait get along so well, you have a close family and yes remember to tell your Mother that she means the world to you!! I wish I would have told mine more often!

Felis - I really liked your decorations and like Chris I am curious to know if it is a religious day or not? I hope that your mood is lighter today!

Nancy - Yes DH is watching the trades this morning also and has every tv in the house on so he won't miss anything while he works on the door . Bruins will most likely be one of the last to announce their trades, it will be interesting to see what happens! That nice that you get to see the Canadian broadcast, yup hockey is very important here . Outlander was a good, but I won't spoil it by saying anything else about it.

Rae - Sounds like you had a busy weekend too! Ugh on the meal making you feel sick!! The same happens to me, I just can't eat gluten at all and suffer all night long if I do!! No wonder I felt so horrible for years!! Glad that you are feeling better today and hope that you will get your CT stuff done and your other work as well! My DD is a big fan of TWD, but hubs and I are not. It would just be another series that we fall asleep to every week .

Ok I have some behind the scenes stuff to today and then need to get to work on a page. Have a great day everyone!
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Old 02-24-2020, 02:31 PM
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Hello girls!
As Chris, I'm stressed that this is the last week of February too!! When I was practice at challenges the racing part was what pushed me to work, but now it doesn't matter when I'll post, and I feels like all pages I made are just repeating of something I'm made before . Scraping and photography lose my interest. Sad but reading too. It was extremely windy today, and I think that was the reason to come back from the morning walk with terrible headache. So I had intention to do all of these hobbies or at least one of them, but my mood thwarted all my good intentions. I'm not scrap anything, this month and I'm not read anything yet this year. Also I feels like today my thoughts are translated even more ambiguous than usual, excuse me for that! I really don't mind if you just skip my posts, I don't want to make someone struggle! Deeply appreciate your friendship!

Chris, these ancestor relationships are very interesting. I have so many things I would love to know for my grandma, but my dad has no idea as he is never asked her. It's really precious that Cait use this chance till have it!
And about my yesterday's post,my impression is that rubber broom do a very good work for catching fur, you just have to find the best brand, as some cheap are fake. Yes it was religious day - a memorial honoring the dead- at Saturday, but we do it in Sunday as I was working on the day. They are 3 times at year and after them started the orthodox christian fasting.

Nancy, hope your walk was better and warm than mine! So after the trade you will know who to follow/fangirling this year, that's cool. It's exciting to learn about new players/artists.

Rae, happy to hear that you feels better today! I can relate to your struggles, as we have favorite place for sandwiches, and when I forgot to tell to not put in red onion it happens the same.

Trudy, sounds as very satisfying weekend you had! Bet he feels wonderful to defeat this door, and hope it will be what you want it!
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Old 02-24-2020, 03:53 PM
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Quick in and out. Been gone all morning until almost 2 PM. Was at the memorial service for my friend and lunch afterwards. DD#1 went with me. I did pretty well... just a few times that memories of my Bill's service came back. So glad I was able to be there for Diane (wife). She and her hubby were there for my DH service... and they had to drive 180 miles to be there. Needless to say - I am sad and not wanting to do anything now.

Have my hearing/aid check-up tomorrow morning. Just heard from my tax acct and my Tax returns are ready... and no taxes are owed!! I will pick them up after my hearing check-up. So glad to have them done - they just need my signature. Have a few other errands to run so will it will be another long day tomorrow but worth it to get them all done.
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