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Originally Posted by TrishD View Post
Thanks for the links Madi., but still confused.
What does Copycat, Prompt, webspiration, journaling, Misc and Ostash mean? Can't find any explanation on elements required for each challenge. Help is appreciated
just a quick explanation:

copycat = scraplift challenge
prompt = 1 word that is used for inspiration
webspiration = inspired by an image found on the web
journaling = focus on the story (behind the picture)
misc = can be anything
Ostash = using the oscrap products you have

all challenges always require at least 80% oscraps products, and the additional requirements are explained in the corresponding threads.

If you have specific questions about a challenge, the best way is to ask in that topic, because the challenges roulate and the challenge host can tell you more about it.

Hope this helps!

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