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Default July 2014 Monthly Tracking Thread- post your links here

Here is where you post your links to each challenge you complete throughout the month. This is also where the Cheery Os will get the participants at the end of the month to work out which coupon you qualify for.

Complete 3 challenges get a 10% off coupon
Complete 6 challenges get a 25% off coupon

Please complete your tracking post by the 1st of the next month.



July challenge layout links:

Challenge 1 - Prompt - {provide link}

Challenge 2 - Photo - {provide link}
Challenge 3 - Webspiration - {provide link}
Challenge 4 - Quote - {provide link}
Challenge 5 - Creative Technique - {provide link}
Challenge 6 - Yum O - {provide link}

Number of challenges completed - { }