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Default August 2018 Challenge Tracking Thread

Hi everyone and welcome once again to the Tracking Thread for this month, you will notice over the next few months, that there are a few new/different challenges and we hope that they will inspire you to continue to create your wonderful pages! So over this year there will be a total of 33 different challenges! We hope that this will be an awesome change and that this will be the best year ever for challenge participation!

The rules remain the same - We have added a 7th challenge to the roster. Don't worry you will still only have to complete 6 challenges to qualify for your 25% discount coupon and completing 3 challenges will get you a 10% discount coupon. We thought that it might be fun to offer you a 7th challenge to inspire you. So you can choose which 6 challenges you would like to complete. Or complete all 7 challenges its totally up to you.

There will also be a 1 x $10 Gift Certificate available for one lucky winner each month - this will be in addition to the discount coupon. We hope you enjoy doing this months challenges and that you will join us again next month! So here is the tracking sample for this month's challenges...

AUGUST 2018 challenge layout links:

Challenge 1 - WEB INSPIRATION CHALLENGE - {provide link}
Challenge 2 - HERITAGE CHALLENGE - {provide link}
Challenge 3 - MINI O CHALLENGE - {provide link}
Challenge 4 - STORYBOOK/FANTASY CHALLENGE - {provide link}
Challenge 5 - COPYCAT CHALLENGE - {provide link}
Challenge 6 - COLOR PALETTE CHALLENGE - {provide link}
Challenge 7 - SINGLE PHOTO CHALLENGE - {provide link}