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My birthday month is October. I found 10 gifts in my box:
1. a love letter from my husband
2. the key to a magical safe deposit box with documents and picturesofr my ancestors for my genealogy (a Hermione bottomless, never-ending box).
3. a picture of my father standing outside his new house 15 miles from where I live.
4. tickets for the whole family for a 'round the world cruise with a long layover in New Zealand and Australia to meet my cousins there.

5. a gift certificate for a new desktop computer, large format printer, and external drives
6. a new camera
7. a gift card for a laptop computer
8. an opal necklace, earrings, rings - fiery or blue
9. airfare, a receipt for a year's lease on a cottage and car in Lincolnshire to research and meet my family that did not immigrate
10. Anna Aspnes classes and products
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