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Well thanks to Chris and Vicki talking about the new TV series The Passage I was intrigued enough to actually join my (new) local library this weekend and have put the first book, The Passage, on hold. Hoping to pick it up when I am in town next!

It's funny, when I was living with son for 6 months (before I came down to be with hubby in Tassie) I was reading like a lunatic! ! I read 35 books during that time! My son had a lot of my older fantasy type books like Dragons and Dungeons, Lord of the Rings, etc etc which I gave him years ago so I virtually re-read everything I had given him and enjoyed them immensely!

Then I started on the books by Liane Moriarty, beginning with Big Little Lies. They are so very easy to read and I ended up reading them all except for one........... I left all the ones I had read with my son's girlfriend and took the one that I hadn't finished reading with me.......... it's still sitting in the spare room and I haven't opened it again! ! At the moment I have no urge to read but I am hoping that when I get the book from the library it will awaken my reading passion again!

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