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Vicki, I'm finding that I have way too much food. I had to freeze some of the ground beef I bought for menus for the 2-week Challenge by the Diet Doctor, and we have so many leftovers every day that I think it will last 3 or 4 weeks. Maybe because I've added some other things, like tonight's pizza. It was AWESOME, by the way. I used pepperoni and mushrooms for the toppings. Dave loved it too. We only ate 1/3 of it. You really can pick it up with your fingers. Dave suggested that the crust would make a great flat bread. He had to ask what was in it, and was surprised.

Nice that you'll have meat for several days, but sorry about the sausage. I don't enjoy sausage, so it's not a sacrifice for me.

Drank a mug of salted chicken broth when my legs started acting like restless leg was coming, and they seemed to have calmed down. Off to in the morning.
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