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Shar - I know you said you were not so strict with keto and keeping track. A problem with not tracking your carbs is that you might be consuming too many carbs or too many at one time that is possibly flipping you in and out of ketosis which can make you feel "keto flu". It takes time for your body to become fat-adapted (meaning it fully transitions and your body knows what it needs to do to burn ketones for fuel and run properly). I suggest keeping track of carbs at least at first until you are fully fat-adapted. I track and am glad b/c some days I think I consumed well below 20 carbs and yet when I enter everything into my fitness pal I find out there were extra carbs in the meat and veggies that I wasn't expecting. You should only be feeling the keto flu the first day or two (if at all) and after that its b/c you were kicked out of ketosis.

So, just a suggestion, try tracking for awhile as you learn all the hidden carbs in condiments/meat/spices etc.

By the way, you can eat low carb (more a South Beach, Atkins type of diet) and not have to go into ketosis, eating a bit higher carb to stay in glucose burning mode which gives you more options, more flexibility. The main reason I have to do ketosis is b/c of carb/sugar cravings that won't go away if I glucose burn.
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