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1. Vacation
2. Planning a vacation
3. Smell of coffee brewing early in the morning
4. Sunset over the beach
5. Hearing my kids laughing hard
6. Hearing Sydney call from her room, "Mama, I need you."
7. When Sydney says, "I miss Grammy"
8. A dozen long stemmed red roses
9. Listening to the birds singing in the morning when I wake up
10.Listening to a gentle rain on the roof
11.Listening to the waves of the ocean
12.Seeing crocus pop from the ground
13.A high school baseball game on a warm summer evening
14.Cotton candy at the circus
15.A glass of white zinfandel
16.A Godiva chocolate
17.The crunch of fall leaves
18.The sun shining through the golden leaves
19.A hug from Shaun
21.Birthday parties
22.Homemade pies
23.Carving jack-o-lanterns
25.Toasting marshmallows
26.A call from the guidance counselor to tell you that they know what you already have a great kid!
27.Having great online friends
28.Creating a scrapbook page
29.Holding a hardcopy book of your scrapbook pages
30.A close basketball game
31.Watching your daughter score the winning shot in overtime...even if she is only in 3rd grade
32.Watching whales breach
33.Seeing a rainbow over the Maui mountains and having it last for 2 1/2 hours
34. A 3 day weekend
35. A special song on the radio
36. An old memory
37. Old photographs (shamelessly stolen from Elisa)
38. Searching for new recipes
39. Baking in my kitchen
40. Listening to my kids playing together and hearing them sing "How can you solve a problem like Maria?"
41. School conferences where you hear how great your kids are doing

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