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Originally Posted by sbpoet View Post
I don't know how to use this template. I've used templates before, but this one is different. Are there instructions somewhere?
The template has 3 choices for the photo windows... check the boxes for the first 3 and look at that, then turn them off and check the next 3, and then the 3rd set of three... you will probably choose the set you prefer and turn off the others... They included a plain set, one with cross hatches, and a grungy set... If you look at my page, I used all of them... the plain for my images, the cross hatched one I pulled out and made a frame behind with a style applied for the color and the grungy one I pulled to the edges and used for the background, clipping paper over... You can use as you like... simplest way is to choose just one set of the 3... Hope this helps...

Oh.... forgot to say... you will need to duplicate your photo and place above each clipping mask window... easiest way to do that is place it above one and then duplicate twice and drag straight down to the next window and the next, so they are all lined up on top of each otehr... then clip to each window...

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