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Default In search of.... Customer needs help

Hello y'all!

I received the following lovely email from Joyce today and she needs some help finding kits that will work for a specific project. I told her the fabulous family here could help, so, please show her what we've got!

Hello Oscraps ---
I am wringing my hands trying to figure out the best way to do something ---- so thought maybe you could give me a suggestion. I just love your site and the artists are so inspiring! I started digital scrapping my parents photo albums back in 2000 before there were sites like yours. My busy work schedule has kept me from finishing the original project – let alone let me get into more creative efforts – which I would love. But I am learning bit by bit. I upgraded to photoshop elements 11 last year ---- bought sommerset studio digial magazine and found some of your designers inspiring work on the pages. It fills me with joy to see what can be done with a black and white photo ! Very inspiring!

Here’s my problem. I want to do an A B C book for my 2 year old grand daughter. I would make a photoshop 8 X 8 page for each of the alphabet letters. I’m hoping to be able to use a picture of Anna on most of the pages and make them fun by telling a story along the way. I would like all of the pages of course, to have similar letters and backgrounds that flow together.

Any suggestions on kits with papers, brushes, templates, overlays, and do dads?

I appreciate any help I can get to be able to get organized and start this project. Baby sister is due June 10 ---- I would like to give the book to Anna at that time.

Thank you so much for your site – and your wonderful designers.


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