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I'm with you on that. Even though my mouth is dry like a desert I still don't take the time to go downstairs to get some lol

I don't like cold water I prefer to have mine at room temperature. Actually in Japan restaurants always give you a ice cold glass of water with ice cubes when you get in and I now tend to ask them to bring me a different one with no ice... It is already pretty darn cold and they add ice cubes (duh!). I don't think it's good for the stomach.
The worse I know is when the ice cubes are all tiny and crushed and you have trouble avoiding them to get in your mouth lol At least if they are big I can even take them out lol
I love the idea of a nice bottle to drink from. Maybe I can increase my intake in a day if I keep it with me when at the computer and be more motivated to drink more in a day than I do now. If I can find a 1l bottle it can be easy to think of filling it once per day to get at most 2l of water. I could use some more hydrated skin lol
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