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I started following you, felis- love the crochet ideas you pinned.

Honey Sesame Tofu

This is the PITA but worth it recipe that I make - tofu for Caitlyn and chicken for the rest of the family.
I double the marinade recipe and keep *everything* separate- two bowls, cookie sheets, frying pans. But it is really yummy. I have used boneless, skinless breasts (too dry) and prefer boneless, skinless thighs. I leave out the oyster sauce since Cait hates anything fish-y and my supermarket doesn't carry a veggie option of that even if she did.
One thing I do is prep and marinate everything early in the day so I don't end up standing on my feet for hours at the end of the day. The longer you marinate the tofu, the better flavor it has, or so Cait says (Personally, I can't stand the texture)
put over brown rice- and good meal.

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