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As Vicki said, there are a variety of chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders that can lay dormant until something triggers it and then the whole darn body goes

For me, I was most likely infected with Lyme and other tick-borne infections in the 1990s. I was mostly asymptomatic until my first pregnancy. After my second, I never truly snapped back in any way, mentally and physically. I had test after test, but it wasn't until my husband was finally Dx'd with Lyme that we considered that for me. Since then, I have been treated for Lyme, TBI's, RA since 2008. I have been off of abx for 6 months since then and I am supplementing like heck with herbal protocols. I would love to know if the MTHFR gene has contributed to this. I really believe that it has to be an underlying problem for people with autoimmune issues.

I think that for the majority of people, their bodies are capable of handling itself properly. But then something happens and some of those people's bodies cannot cope. The gene mutation, in my "not a Dr." opinion, adds to that complication.

Does any of that make sense?

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