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Default *CLOSED* June 2020- Community Posting Challenge Tracking Thread

Welcome to our new challenge, hosted by the Posting team! We hope that you will join us for the month to spread some love and cheer in our very unique and friendly Community.

Please click HERE to find out more about this challenge.

Create a post in this thread, listing your Current Gallery and Posting Numbers. You can copy the info in between the dashed lines if you like and paste into a new post.


Starting date:
Post Count:
Gallery Comments:

Finish date:
Post Count:
Gallery Comments:

Total Post Count:
Total Gallery Comments:
Total Comments:

Find your Starting Post numbers, then copy and paste them into your post as shown in the example below. To learn how to find both your forum and gallery posts click HERE for a short tutorial.

At the end of the month you then go find your Finishing Post numbers, edit your tracking post and enter those numbers. Subtract the starting numbers from the finishing numbers to get your totals for the month and enter them in the post.

Example: Your entry for June 2020 would look something like this at the end of the month:

Starting date: June 1
Post Count: 46,360
Gallery Comments: 11,231

Finishing date: June 30
Post Count: 46,421
Gallery Comments: 11,287

Total Post Count: 61
Total Gallery Comments: 56
Entries: 61/25= 2 TWO (2) entries in the Random draw.

Gallery Comments are included in the total post count. When we calculate your entries, it will be based on that number.
Please refer to edited information in the Community Posting Challenge - What Is It? thread HERE

- Please keep posts in the Game forum at no more than 25% of your total forum post number.
- Enter your final counts by PST 11.59 pm June 30, 2020.
- You will get one entry into the random draw for every 25 gallery or forum comments/posts you make.0

~~Chris~~ My Gallery