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I seem to have hit a roadblock. I'm in Mac PSE9 and normally use Christy Vanderwall's free action File Save 1 that takes your psd, and makes a 300 dpi 3600x3600 jpeg for printing and then 72dpi jpegs for gallery. I was used to making the default 600x600 a bit larger for another gallery but in trying to make it smaller, I can't seem to get a balance with the pixel size, the <250k overall size and then still keeping the 12x12" size.

I obviously managed the other days I uploaded but really can't get it all together tonight. I'm starting with a 195+MB psd, then my 300dpi print jpeg is 11.9MB. Sadly, since I've had so much ease with the action, I can't recall how to do this manually very well.

So where do I go with that 11.9MB jpeg to get to meet Oscraps upload parameters? tia!

Edited to add: I finally got the steps but geeze, I'm going to email Christy and see if she can help me tweak her action. Does anyone here use it?
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