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Just quickly to say that I'm agree with the others, Bella is such a sweetie!
I was huge fan of the Twilight books, but movies was total disappointment both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart don't match for these characters and I don't like them as an actors and persons. But Stephenie Meyer is still my favorite author with the Host, so I really really love your name choice, Rae!

To the other girls, my apologies that past few days my post are always on rush!!!
But tomorrow have to act like adult, so it's better to get sleep now. All came at the last moment, I didn't expect to travel to the capital, but I'm not able to resolved my bank problem on local level.

BUT Today I had such a lovely day! I got message from dear friend, he doesn't texted me at the NYE and I was so upset (maybe you remember that in my country this is a big deal), but he was so cute and funny today, so I'm ready to excuse this rudeness.
Great news from the vet: my cat is heal now and my friend's cat is still on meds but back in her home! Finally good signs, Maybe the planets gets new turn, keep your fingers crossed!
Tomorrow will leave personals for today too, please excuse me!
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