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good late morning - my DH can be such a curmudgeon. He is not good with technology and when trying to do something new he wants it to happen fast and it not will to go slow. I tried to get him to get the findster app and so if he loses Luther we could find him. Well he never updates his phone so the app was not working correctly and then he just wants to forget it. Oh well. Watched hockey and it was exciting. The US won by scoring the go ahead goal in the final 2 mins of the game. Too close. I hate OT games. So tonight it will be US vs Canada. Those are exciting but also tense. But I am expecting Canada to win. They have yet to be behind in any game. I will need a nap to stay up late.

Chris so sorry you have such a disheveled day. Poor W and throwing up. Poor puppy! I saw that there is now a website to register for the vaccine in NJ but went to register and of course it has crashed. What a joke this whole roll out is! Congrats on your Gary getting the flooring done so fast. It must be so nice for her to have her room back. That is good news for Scott on his new class. Good luck with the pick up of food.

Kay I used to be a morning person and was up around between 5-6 but staying up late has switched my whole body timer. I will be up early once the days get lighter in the morning. I can already feel the days are longer. Congrats on getting bills paid but more importantly your hair cut. I totally love my short hair and as you so correctly pointed out it is wash and towel dry and you are done.

Trudy yes another Canada vs US gold medal game. Should be exciting. I too thought that Russia did not play their best or maybe Canada is just really that much better. So glad you are not stressing so much about your painting and got a great night's sleep. Maybe it was the sound of the rain that helped with sleep. Have fun at the pool!

Rae that is just the cutest Bella! I bet you are going to have such a great time with her.

Have a great day all!