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Morning ladies... Man it was hard to drag myself out of bed this morning! It is so dark and gloomy outside, although I did have a great sleep! I slept right through the night and didn't get out of bed until 7:30! Hooray for a good sleep for a change. More rain on the way again today along with wind warnings for the area. Ugh more mess to clean up in the backyard. That probably won't be able to happen for some time though as it is so soggy back there that we would sink up to our ankles in water Oh well its only water and not snow. I am off to swimming this morning and it will be good to be back in the pool. I did manage to get a page done yesterday and will just put a couple of finishing touches on it and get that posted this morning. I really need to get some commenting done here too. I made a card yesterday too for my grand niece Bella. Yup the same name as Rae's sweet new puppy. Well her full name is Isabella, so bella for short. I did not get any paints ready as I think I will wait until the weekend when my DH will be home to help me with tilting the canvas. So maybe that is why I slept so well last, I am not stressing about this painting so much.

Chris - Aww thanks for the nice comment on my AVI it was taken last year, but I really don't have many photos of myself. That is something I should really try to do this year is to get more photos of my Gary and myself. Gosh I am sorry that you had such a strange shopping adventure again!! Glad that they were able to get things fixed, but really what a weird way to have to get your spot online! What wonderful news about Scott! How great that he will have a bit more purpose in his life right now! You are a great Mommy helping to pay for and finding this program for him! You will have to try to get a photo of Cait's new flooring for us or maybe you could do a layout of the process?? Did you take some photos of the changes as they were happening? Maybe Cait would not like us peeking into her room though . Awww poor W! Hope the steam cleaning gets rid of the stain and the smell!

Kay - Sorry that you are getting up so very early in the day, but like you say at least you are getting in lots of sleep! What a nice day you had yesterday, being able to get your hair done after all that time! It must feel so much better to have your nice short cut again! Thanks for the nice compliment on my AVI, it was a photo of me and Heather's boys last year while we were at a restaurant, colouring while we waited for our order to come. Pre-Covid of course so it is not a recent one. A few more wrinkles now . Good idea to wear gloves on your poor finger while shopping! That hand sanitizer would really sting!!

Felis - We are having a lot of rain here also with lots of flooding in some areas! Those tins with the mice are just adorable! I love them! I would think that you should be ok with all of your purchased kits in the shop. I doubt that there will be any changes in that area, but I suppose we should find out for you!

Cheryl - Kay is right your profile picture and your Avatar are two separate photos, so you will have to change them both and if you clean your cache, you should be able to see both! Hope the unpacking is almost all done and you are settling into your new digs!

Nancy - Did you see the game against Canada and Russia?? It was hard to believe that the Russian team just did not bring their game! Guess it will be Canada and the USA in finals, may the best team win!! That is sad about Gerry Mardsen! Did he die from Covid?? Glad that you did not have to do any shovelling! My DH is still waiting for more snow . It has been so mild this winter that I doubt we will get any more.

Rae - That sweet face!! Oh my goodness!! We are all in love with your new addition to the family!

Ok best get my back packed for swimming and get my page in the gallery. Have a great day everyone!
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