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Default Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, January 5

*takes one last gulp of coffee, a deep breath, stretches fingers, and starts my day*
Forgets that I need to say a quick prayer:
Please please please, let today be less chaotic than yesterday.

For a person that doesn't go anywhere or do anything, I truly don't understand how my days can get so turned around.
As I am reading my posts from yesterday, I sounded so optimistic that the food shopping weirdness was going to be limited to the searches. I logged in, went to add my current cart to what was in there already and it had already been processed!
For those who are unaware and who might care a tiny bit-- (sorry dear reader, that you are a semi-captured audience)- because it is hard to get shopping spots, I grab a spot a week in advance and put in a couple of things to hold the spot, usually milk, eggs, and bread. You have to pay for the items to hold the spot. The Saturday before my shopping slot, I will use the sneak peek pricing on the sales paper to add to the cart. If I do it on a Sunday, then I get the problems of the website being too busy that it times out and/or crashes. Then finalize the rest of it the day before my order is placed.
yesterday's cart for processed while there was $7 in items: 1 banana, a gallon of milk, and a garlic bulb. The fee is $5. so the total was $12.
I called the store and they were able to fix it for me again but my goodness this made me want to put my head down and scream-cry.

I should tell you that I left out an important part here- in between me starting the shopping order and realizing that I couldn't edit the cart, W threw up all over my BR carpet. If I hadn't seen her throw up with my own eyes, I would have thought she had diarrhea everywhere. It looked and smelled that bad. I had to close the door and open the BR windows for fresh air. In spite of scrubbing and Lysoling it, I can't get the stains out so today I am steam cleaning.

But I do have good news!!! Cait's bedroom is back together, I still have some of her knickknacks in my room but the furniture is in and wow, it is gorgeous! Gary busted his butt!
And the other good news is that Scott signed up for the Environmental Stewardship program!! Yay!!!! I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Even if he gets next to nothing out of it educationally or job networking, it will be good for him to have something to do every week, to stay involved in something that he enjoys. As he put it, there aren't any big papers/tests so he gets the fun part of learning and none of the BS.
He couldn't thank me enough for helping him pay for it as well as finding it and passing it along to him.

Today is gonna be jam-packed fun-- grocery pick up and then steam cleaning. But it could be worse. I could be reliving yesterday so just thinking about that, today is one heck of an improvement!


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