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I thought I was just going to have to skip this challenge! Seriously, I do NOT have a clue how to make a page with 4 art journal cards look the way everyone else can make them look. SO! You didn't say the rule was to use them traditionally! So I stacked them, merged them, split them, duplicated them, and applied blend modes. And yes! There really ARE 4 art journal cards bordering this page. And Trudy, if you don't believe me, I'll send you a screen shot of my layers panel! I HAD to figure out a way to earn my 25%-off coupon, and qualify for the gift certificate!

By the way, these two Mountain Men are friends of ours who were out 4-wheelin' in the wilds of Alaska. Greg texted me the photo. What mountain man goes 4-wheelin' without his cell-phone and selfie-stick?
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