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Default Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, January 11

Blerghy, Day Two.
BTW- whenever we watch 30 Rock, I feel like I *am* Liz Lemon. She uses phrases like that too. We are cool that way.

I think that I jinxed myself last week feeling all proud that I wasn't flaring from Tindamax. Yesterday was not a good day at all. But I got through and hopefully by tonight the worst will have passed. I will drink lots of water and if I remember- green tea.

Off to get blood work today, I haven't been over there to see my girls in a long time. For the newer people here, for almost 2 years I had to go in for weekly blood draws so the ladies there got to know me well, and I would end up chatting with them for a while. It is kind of how my Pharmacy Tech will see me shopping and when I get up to the counter she has all of my Rx's ready to go. The benefits of chronic illness

After that- Food shopping, Bill paying. These are a few of my favorite things.

Well, at least I can't complain about it being too cold. I mean I *can* and probably *will,* but I *shouldn't.*
We should get near 50, a big improvement from 20.

What good stuff do you have planned for today? Enjoy it all!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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