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I love the feeling of cleaned teeth, but did not have a pleasant time yesterday. My usual hygienist was in Vegas (and my usual dentist in Jamaica!) so I got one I'd never seen before. I think she is rough and way too insistent as she was determined I'd get a new scaling procedure then and there. But I said no. She didn't like that. Tough. I would need to gear myself up for that and the need to take better care after as well. It also costs more though she was sure insurance would pay (bet not!) Oh well, I went to the senior center to trade for some new puzzles and last night I made a curry we hadn't had in a while and watched a surprising football game. I have lots of genealogy stuff piling up and have ideas for some scrapping, but first is laundry. ugh.

Chris, maybe J will be OK, but if not, off to the vet I guess. Sorry. Wish the ins. could get worked out. It is just crazy as is. Hugs to all of you!

Trudy, oh, no, another short sleep isn't good. Some people don't like naps, but maybe you need one. Anyway, I guess it's good that you get lots done.

BrightEyes, another with short sleep! Wishing you a good day and maybe a nap for you too! Yes, the cold is arriving here too, so we'll be shivering for sure.

Nancy, talking to your sister and having lasagna sound good. Not the rain so much. We had more this morning so DH cancelled his bird survey. We were ten inches above average precipitation for the year, but suddenly it's gone to 13 inches above. At least Luther will be a happy, tired doggie.

Rae, know you'll be busy.

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