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Morning, gals. Awake again at 3 AM... but managed to fall back asleep until 6 AM. Been waking up at O'dark-thirty since the time change. Grrr... Was putting coffee on when I noticed it was 32 degrees outside! 1st freeze of the year and another cold front coming our way tomorrow. Snow is possible on Monday. Brrrr... not ready for winter to arrive. I pulled out the long-johns for the legs 2 days ago. Been on the cold side for the past several days.

Trudy, I hear you about the long days when you wake up so early!! Glad you are getting some work done. I am trying to get caught up on stuff after being gone part of last week.

Chris, so sorry you are having to jump through hoops with your health care issues. Hope this new fellow can help get it straightened out.
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