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Morning, gals. That [blankity-blank] idiot called again at almost midnight last night. Must be a robo-call that is set up for the wrong time of day. I looked up how to block the call this morning and hoping that will take care of it. Will find out tonight.

No, Chris, I didn't get a nap yesterday. I ended up spending the afternoon sorting through this past year's paper/receipts/bills/etc. I had been piling them after they were paid. So dug out a large file holder, made folders for them...(added more folders.. ) and sorted the papers. So nice to see the corner of the counter cleaned off and the folders neatly held in the file holder. Needed to get it sorted before tax time early next year. I really should clear out the file cabinet of old files and get it set up for next year's folders so I won't just pile them somewhere.

Glad Cait was able to help your mom order what she wanted. Yes, we are all getting used to Zoom or other Facetime apps that let us see others and interact together. My family has a standing date each weekend to visit and get caught up what is happening with the family members.

Cheryl, sorry they haven't started on the wood floor yet.

Rae, glad to hear the back is slowly improving. Slow but steady is the way to go.

I need to dig into the freezer and decide what I want to get out for my birthday dinner. Enchiladas sounds good and think I still have some sauce frozen.

Hope this is a good week for everyone.
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