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Good morning, ladies. Caught up on Mandalorian last night. Today we'll catch up on Star Trek Discovery. Went to Costco as soon as they opened this morning which turned out to be a good idea b/c even though they were busy, everyone was wearing a mask and keeping distance. Got what we needed and went thru the self checkout so were in and out in under 30 min.

Got out into the garden to feed the birds when we got back. Now I'll relax in my kneeling chair for a bit and scrap and then will head up to have lunch and watch a few shows with D. I'll need to lay on my heated mat for an hour or so and then can carry on with my day until dinnertime.

We'll have to figure out what to binge watch tonight with Jen after dinner.

Chris - the drinks sound good. We used to make our own Bailey's yrs ago. Nowadays I stick to beer or wine so haven't had a sweet drink in a long time. Brings back memories.

I'm getting on with my day, hope you all have a good one. BFN
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