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Default Daily Ooo's: November 21-22: Weekend Edition

Happy weekend to all who celebrate!
Yup, just another day in the Faery Household and a chilly one at that. I think it is supposed to get warm-ish (50*F) this afternoon but not just at 8 am.

My insomnia is back full force and I felt terrible yesterday. At this moment, I am better than that so I am going to try to get stuff done this morning so if I crash later on, I won't be looking at more piles of stuff to get taken care of tomorrow.
My ILs stopped by in the afternoon and we had a nice chat with them on the patio. That was a nice change of pace.
Looking back on my day, I did get some stuff done. My contact lenses are lost in the mail and so I had to get in touch with my local post office and the company I ordered them from. I started to look at some Christmas shopping sites. That is one BIG thing I need to start doing ASAP. I do polls and surveys over the year and then cash in my points for GCs to help pay for Christmas. I should do that so I have them in time to shop and have everything delivered on time. I hate to even say this softly but Christmas is going to be here before we know it.

One other thing I am going to need to do is mop the kitchen floor again. I woke up to a note on the counter from Caitlyn. She was making a mudslide and the top to the cocktail shaker came off and the mudslide ended up on the floor. And she was very sad.
I think that she was sad that the drink was gone, *not* that the floor was dirty Possibly that the bottle of fake Kahlua is almost empty too. We blew through that bottle in no time. Yikes. The Pumpkin Spice White Russians were really good though- Bailey's, Kahlua, Vanilla Vodka, and Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer.

Ray is doing OK, she had a "good" day yesterday in that she didn't have any accidents and trotted a bit when it was time to come inside. I love watching her ears flop when she does that. We told the kids in the morning what was going on and thankfully, we are all on the same page about the next steps for her. There have been times in the past when one of our pets was nearing the end and one of us (*cough* Caitlyn *cough*) wanted us to do "more" but this time we all recognize that none of that would be fair to Ravyn. The first thing they both said was how scared and miserable she would be alone at the vet for days. Everyone has been snuggling with her.

So that is it from me. HAGD!!!

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