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Default Changing timing of medication

I have been struggling with a very bad reaction to my anti-cancer medication. Another friend of mine who has to take it told me to take it at night because it made her nauseous and she could sleep through the nausea. So, that's how I started with it. But my mornings are a nightmare. Its not until late afternoon/evening that I start feeling OK. Not good when I need to get work done during the day. There's all kinds of things that this has impacted but let's just say that I have the most loving and supportive husband and son and I can't be thankful enough they haven't left me or committed me at this point lol.

So, I got to thinking... maybe if I take it in the morning it will flip and I can sleep through the bad stuff and wake up feeling ok. I just took it for the first trial run just now at 11 am (I normally take it at 11 pm).

Please keep me (and my boys lol) in your thoughts/prayers today. I need it.

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