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Originally Posted by zanthia View Post
ona - i have seen that plugin but it is so expensive - costs about the same as PSE it self when on sale.

i am still using pse 10 - is it worth it.

and if i ever do upgrade do i have to rebuy it again.

also have you tried elements plus - much much cheaper - $12
As to Upgrades on the plug in, like other software programs, you will be upgraded with any fixes to the particular version you have purchased. However, if there is a new version that comes out (they keep in line with the major features that come out in PS CC), then you need to purchase again, BUT only if you want to! They give you a detailed list of just what features are available in the new version and you can decide whether to upgrade or not. You also get a small price reduction if you already have the previous version. But if you don't upgrade, you can still use the version you have. I started with Ver3 in 2016 and am now on Ver 6.02 Personally I haven't begrudged one cent of it as I have never had any problems with it all. You will need to contact them though Stacey as your PSE10 needs an earlier version of Elements XXL (I couldn't find it in the store) ............ use the Contact Us button on their site, Harold Heim, the owner, will normally respond very quickly to any questions asked.

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