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hahhaa! your NOT old!! As to the Grouping, are you talking about the ability to group 2 or more layers into a Folder, in the Layers Paletter??

I used PSE14 since it came out, and only recently (around Christmas time) moved onto PSCC. I have never used PSE13 and was unaware that you could group layers in it? nor PSE14? There is no grouping facility in PSE14 to my knowledge.

I have used a plug-in for PSE for years called Elements XXL, once installed it integrates into PSE seamlessly and gives you a lot more Photoshop type features and functions. One of these features is Grouping, and is the same as Photoshop, just select the layers you want to group together and click the Folder icon and it's done.

If you want more info on the plug in you can find it here:

Let me know if I am on right track in regards to what you are asking

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