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I use turmeric in my diet as well as take Curcumin. I've dealt with high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pain for years. I have, with my physician's approval, gradually gone off all my meds and am on all natural now. My blood pressure 2 yrs ago ranged from 150s to 160s and this past week was 122/72. My glucose is within normal range finally. When I have an occasional joint pain or headache I use only Tei-Fu. I also have a friend who is a medical scientist who gives guidance on what to take. I was on prescription vit D for years and my blood levels were so low (below 15 for over 8 years) and would not come up. I started taking all natural Vit D supplement and this past week my level was 23. The highest it's been! So I'm going in the right direction with that. I take food grade Diatomaceous Earth as well to help with joints and helping with nutrients absorption and toxins release. I know these don't work for everyone, but for me they have worked and I'm thankful. Of course, I also walk at least 3 miles a day and try to eat healthier. I don't push all natural on anyone. I'm just telling my long winding journey!
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