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Originally Posted by AnikA68 View Post
I delete the zip files immediately after I have unzipped it. If you need is as zio you easily can zip the folder again, isnĀ“t it?
Not exactly because after unzip I remove all repeated parts like previews (except one) TOU and other designers info that coming the same with every pack. Also I combinate all elements, all papers, all brushes in their one folder, for fast use. And zip files are only if you needs the original info for some reason.
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Originally Posted by VickiStegall View Post
I delete the zip files as soon as I unzip. You can typically download again if you need to - well at Oscraps anyway. Not all stores let you.
But this is my old habit from the shops where you have only 30 days to download what you are bought and only 5 downloads, so this is for protection that nothing wouldn't miss in future if disk gone broken.
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