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Talking LOOK at these Brilliant Ideas for Using Concrete!!

I just found this youtube video on using cement to make quite an assortment of things! All the projects are small and look very easy to do!

I have used concrete in the past to make a shallow bowl/pot to hold a succulent garden and my DH helped me to make an Celtic type Shield many years ago. We dug a shallow round area and then he dug some little round holes into the area so that when dried they would protrude out a little bit. Then he used a small decorative 'S' shaped hanging pot holder to press into the dirt all around outer edge to give it some more decoration. He also, dug into the dirt an bit to give the "shield" some raised 'quarter' areas. In the center I laid down an old pendant. I am so glad I had him to help as what we were creating in the dirt would actually be the 'front' of our shield.

Next we mixed up the concrete and added some brown colour to it. Added too much but I was able to fix that by painting over it when it had dried with metallic greenish/blue patina.

After we poured the concrete, we then etched our names and the date into it, as well as our hand prints and the paw print of the dog we had, Chewie! I really loved how it turned out and it sat in my garden for years. When it came time to pack up and move I was adamant that it was coming with us, even though it was quite heavy! lol! So into the truck it went........... don't know if it survived the long journey down here as it it still packed up under a lot of other stuff so I won't get to see that until we buy a new house, but I am so hoping it is still in one piece!

Here are a couple of photos.........I am just kicking myself that I didn't take a 'proper' photo of it or of the other pots I had made out of concrete!!

What about you?? Has anyone done anything with concrete? Would love to see some pics!! And will anyone want to try some of the ideas out in the video above?? I have saved the location of the video and am going to try some of them for sure!!!
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