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Originally Posted by Patty Anne View Post
WooHoo! WooHoo! WooHoo!
I'm Daffy Ducky manically bouncing all over in a euphoric O of excitement!!! ThankYouThankYouThankYou!!!

Honestly though - this event did me so much good. I'd been about 6 months of not being to create at all and this was sort of my foray back in trying to get those creative muscles working again. Everyone was so responsive & supportive and I just had a ball ... and I truly can't tell you how much good it did my creative soul. So thank you all.

And thank you to all the peeps working behind the scenes and doing all the daily cheerleading. It is no small thing!

Yeeee Freaking HAW!
O so happy that you found your creative streak again Patty Ann, and with all the new goodies I am sure we will be seeing LOTS of new layouts from you soon!!! Congrats!!!

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