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Originally Posted by ninigoesdigi View Post
Oh my me too I keep everything but I do save zips to a DVD once in a while and erase them from my computer.
I also keep all .zips that's I'm bought to a DVD.
I Keep only unzipped files of freebies and both for bought kits.
It's more flexible if all unzipped kits are on External Hard Drives, but I only planned to do that, I couldn't even use one that I won, because was necessary to sell it and pay vet bill. So I have to download to my computer every kit that I use and delete it after that.
I keep only jpegs on my layouts and in smal size, wich sometimes is problem if I need to back to the original page, but is happened only few times, so for now I'll keep to this space saving practice.

Originally Posted by ninigoesdigi View Post
I am a digi hoarder and I can't erase something completely unless I know it is on a DVD or backed up safely
Originally Posted by Nickel View Post
Don't listen to me because I tend to keep everything /.../ suddenly I realize that I have stuff from 9 years ago..(from freebies I'll never use again..)
lol Me too. It's a tragedy when some of mine disks gone broken.
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