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Originally Posted by VickiStegall View Post
I'm watching Emergence and liking it so far. How's Stumptown? I thought about watching it.

And, what's this Nancy Drew and Batwoman?
David and I started watching Emergence. Looks like it's gonna be a good one.

Originally Posted by faerywings View Post
What is Emergence about?
It's about a girl who is found at a plane crash site in a remote area. She has lost her memory. She also seems to have special powers but we don't now why and people are looking for her.

The only show with a normal fall start I am watching is Suits. I hate that this will be the last season. I am still finishing up season eight, so haven't started the new season yet. Trying to decide if I am going to watch the spinoff, Pearson.

Most of what I'm looking forward to is on Netflix without regular season starts. A new season of Hi-Score Girl is coming. Same for Seven Deadly Sins and Food Wars. A remake of Fruits Basket started this summer and now I am waiting for season two on that but have no idea when to expect it. I'll also be watching the final season of Fuller House when that airs.

(I watch Suits and Fuller House alone. The others I watch with David.)
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